I can't believe its you


Quinn a new up an coming director for Broadway is reunited with an old friend and crush in an unexpected place, her crush has changed, and so has the persons dream, Warning G!peen!

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Finally found you

Quinn sighed as her assistant led her around the theatre, she was the director and choreographer for an up and coming show that was going to go on Broadway, she couldn't believe how far she had come, she hadn't thought about doing this as a job, she had fallen into it really, after finishing Yale her friend had gone to an audition, she had come along to see a rehearsal, and made comments to the director on how to develop it a bit more and then also helped with the choreography, soon she started to choreograph or direct some off-Broadway shows, or small plays. She loved her job though and she wouldn't change it for the world. If she was really honest though she got into the business hoping to stumble across a small brunette that she hadn't seen for years. She was amazed the girl still hadn't made an appearance seen as she was meant for the stage; the girl she had known was meant to be a star. They go to the stage and saw the set being made, she watched as the person creating the set worked hard.

'Does he not have help?' Quinn asked as she followed the young man with her eyes, he had his back to her but she could see shoulder length hair peaking out from under the grey beanie he had on his head, he had a pale blue paint splattered shirt on with black ripped and paint splattered jeans, his shoes plain black with paint dripped over them.

'She, Miss Fabray, She prefers to work alone, she is a hard worker and came well recommended by a few other directors who have used her. As you can see she has already completed a few of the sets that we need for the show.' Quinn's eyes widen at the revelation that the person in front of her was a girl.

'Don't worry it happens all the time' A soft voice broke through, most definitely a female voice. She looked up to see the artist still painting with her back to the blonde and realised the young woman must have heard her question, for some reason Quinn blushed and felt embarrassed and guilty about calling her a guy.

'I'm sorry, I didn't realise, with your back to me I mean' Quinn explains to the still nameless person.

'As I said earlier miss it happens all of the time, it's nothing for you to worry about'

'Come over here and introduce yourself then, stop being rude' Quinn's assistant said with an eye roll, she looked back to her boss, surprised to see her glaring at her.

'You need to work on your rudeness' Quinn whispered harshly. They didn't see the figure moving closer to them. She stopped in front of them, holding out her hand.

'It's nice to see you Miss Fabray, I'm Rachel Berry'

At the name Quinn's head snapped up to face the girl in front of her, she hadn't seen this girl since they left for college, she just disappeared, no one knew where she was and the rest of their old show choir was worried about the girl, thinking she might be selling her services somewhere.

'Rachel? Is that really you?' The blonde said, the girl was wearing black framed slim glasses, she had a 4mm black spike through her left ear, through the unbuttoned shirt and white tank top she could see Rachel had a tattoo on her right shoulder reaching across the right side of her chest and down her right bicep, stopping just before it reached the elbow. She had a thick silver chain around her neck. Her brown eyes seemed to have lost the light that they used to hold within them.

'It's good to see you again Miss Fabray' Rachel said politely.

'Rachel, call me Quinn, you know who I am' Quinn told her.

'Wait, you two already know each other?' Sienna, Quinn's assistant asks.

'Yes, we were at high school together, Rachel and I were in the same show choir, she was our lead singer and a great one at that' Quinn explained.

'I think you have the wrong girl, I've heard her sing and I have to say it's awful' Sienna stated, Quinn turns towards her with a steely glare.

'What did I tell you about rudeness Sienna, I would suggest you sort it out' Quinn snapped.

'I was only telling the truth' Sienna mumbled as she stalked off to inspect the artist's work. Quinn turned to see Rachel smirking, a look she had never thought she would see on Rachel, but it looked so good on her.

'So this is where you have been all this time, right under our noses' Quinn says as she looks at Rachel. The girl had put the think paint brush she had been using behind her ear making the tip stick out of the girl's hat. Rachel chuckles and nods.

'Indeed I was waiting for you to notice me, I've been the set designer and decorator for many of your shows, and others you have help choreograph or direct that were on Broadway, some I had more help with, especially the bigger shows, but I normally do it by myself, at night, and I normally start work months before a performance doing them in the studio I have' Rachel explained as she took a seat on the edge of the stage.

'So why do you do the set and not the acting?' Quinn asked and saw Rachel look down at her hands.

'It just wasn't for me anymore, I have a different passion now' Rachel answered, refusing to meet her eyes.

'That's bullshit Rachel and you know it, so what actually happened? Why did Sienna say that you were awful at singing?' Quinn asked her staring intently at the brunette who now seemed the same height if not taller than her.

'The Sienna thing has been an on-going practical joke, I sing as badly as possible so that I'm not asked to sing, that way I stay off of the stage and behind the scenes like I want to be, anyway I get paid pretty good for my job, I come recommended now to newer directors, like you, and I do art work and design for advertisements and leaflets for shows that are run. I'm doing good for myself' Rachel answered honestly as she looked out at the seats, a sad expression on her face.

'But you were always meant to sing on stage and act, that's what you wanted to do, that's all you talked about' Quinn exclaimed not understanding why the girl had given up.

'Things change Quinn and that's what happened my dream changed, I'm happy with my life, and I'm slowly starting to become recognised with the work I'm doing, I do freelance art work to which gets sold for quite a lot, just because I haven't succeeded in a very old dream, doesn't mean I'm not enjoying my new one, which I am' Rachel answered and stood up looking at the blonde. 'I need to get back to work, I will talk to you more late?' Rachel had tried to state it but it came out sounding more like a question then anything else.

'Yeah, can we go for dinner or something have a proper catch up?' Quinn asked and saw Rachel smile, realising it was the first time the girl smiled since they had been reunited.

'Yeah that would be great, I will have to go home and get washed and changed but meet me outside the theatre at seven and we will go out for a meal' Rachel answered as she pulled the paint brush from her ear, dabbing it in paint and starting again on her artwork.

Quinn couldn't believe it, the girl she had been hoping to meet with once again was now here on the stage she was about to direct a Broadway show on. Instead of being one of the girls that would be singing and acting on stage she was now in the background, a girl behind the scenes, hiding her talent, Quinn wasn't going to stand for it, she knew in her heart that Rachel should still be singing, performing. She was going to help the girl get back that dream she had wanted so much whilst they were in high school.

The next few hours Quinn sat in the office the theatre had out aside for her to use so that she could sort everything out for the show. She read through the scripts and the numerous amounts of applicants that were coming to audition for each part. She was excited but nervous for this show; this was going to her big debut into the industry of Broadway shows. She packed up at half five so that she could go and get ready for the dinner with Rachel.

As she exited the office she noticed the lights on the stage were still on. Rachel was stood there working on yet another set, Quinn had to admit she was a quick worker and her work was amazing. The girl only had one more set to finish after this one and then she would be working on sorting out programmes for the show that were going to be available for people to purchase at the show. Quinn realised she would be working with a camera more than painting. The girl had said she had done it before so Quinn wasn't worried. She heard the faint sound of humming as Rachel worked and realised the girl was listening to music, her hips swaying to whatever beat was playing as she lost herself in her own world and continued to paint. The glow in her eyes was there though, dimmer than it used to be in the girls eyes but it was most definitely still there.

Quinn left before Rachel could see her, she went home and got showered and changed, continuing to get ready for the meal she was going to.

Rachel couldn't help the smile she let through as Quinn left to go into her office after their little chat, the blonde had finally noticed her, Rachel had lied a teeny bit, she had actually been involved in all of the blonde's plays and shows along with ones the blonde had assisted with. Getting asked to come and do the sets for this show and finding out that Quinn was the director was a dream. Even though Rachel had been unintentionally hiding from the blonde she had always wanted to be found by the girl and now she had been. Getting to chat to Quinn again, it felt so amazing, okay so the blonde probably hadn't missed her as much, or cared about her being out of everyone's life, and she most definitely knew that the blonde probably would never reciprocate the feeling she had for her, Rachel was just happy that the girl had talked to her and showed signs of wanting to spend time with her. She pulled her ipod out and let the music flow into her as she went into her zone and worked hard and fast on the set making sure it was a good quality.

Rachel hadn't lied to Quinn, she was doing good for herself, and she did enjoy her job, Rachel was beginning to get recognised for her work, both for what she did for shows and plays, along with the art work she did that were nothing to do with the shows. Her freelance photographs as well as her drawings, paintings and other art work she created, were starting to get noticed. She had even had a few magazines want her to photograph for them, using models. She had even taken a few up on her offer. Slowly she was making her way up, even though the passion was still there to act, her singing was more for her now, she liked it that way, having her voice private to her.

Rachel checked the time and realised she should probably pack up and leave to go and get ready for the meal she was going on tonight. She was excited, for some reason it didn't feel like just a catch up to her, it was feeling more like a date than anything, she knew however that Quinn wouldn't feel that way.

Accept Quinn did actually feel that way, she was nervous and her palms were sweaty but she was looking forward to seeing the brunette she had missed for so long again tonight, she was excited and had almost phoned Santana over ten times to tell her the amazing piece of news, but she felt that Rachel probably wouldn't want that, she had hidden from them for so long, she should wait and talk to Rachel more before she broadcasted it to her friends and let the gossip flow, most likely ending with all of their friends coming to the theatre just to see the girl. Santana and Brittany were married now, Brittany staring in and choreographing music videos, Santana being a worldwide known singer. Everyone knew about the couple and they were support by most people. Santana only went out on world tours ever so often, her regular tours normally keeping to America or England. Brittany travelled with her when she could but Santana preferred being at home and so made sure to get albums out when she could, making sure to do tours and concerts but not having to much time away from home without it being needed.

Finn and Puck were in a band, they toured everywhere and anywhere, they were in concerts and were having the time of their lives, Puck was married now, he had a two year old son that he had named Sebastian after one of his friends who was killed in an accident. Finn had a girlfriend who was pregnant; he was planning to propose to the girl soon. Sam was now working in animation and creating characters for TV shows and movies, he had a wife and two daughters. Mercedes married to Sam was in acting, they had two beautiful daughters. Artie was in science working on cures for many illnesses, he was married to Sugar, who owned her own clothes store designing many of the items in there, she had also designed many numerous red carpet dresses for actresses. Kurt was on Broadway, also staring in movies and small roles on TV, Blaine was staring in movies, as well as writing them. Rory was back in Ireland, singing and selling albums as well as doing work for many charities and working to get children's to come true. Mike and Tina were married, they had three children their boy was the oldest then a little girl and a new baby boy. Mike was a dance teacher, working to keep children off of dangerous streets as well as choreographing numerous dance videos, musicals both movies and shows on at theatre. Quinn had used both him and Brittany a few times when she had needed support. Tina was a counsellor, and also a writer, writing many teenage novels as well as children's books, but that was more of a hobbie and an interest for her then an income, she preferred to help people where possible.

All of them still kept in touch and if Rachel ever knew, she would be surprised that none of them had stopped trying to find a way to talk and communicate with her again; they all missed the brunette who had been there for all of them. A few had heard of an up and coming artist and photographer making her way, however they hadn't heard the name so far, the girl was still a mystery waiting to be unveiled, it was just that Quinn may have found out the answer first.

Rachel walked into her apartment putting her keys in the bowl next to the door she stretched her arms towards the ceiling as she trudged her way to the shower, taking her clothes off as she did so. She reached the mirror that was in the bathroom on the far wall, it was the whole length of the wall, she ran her finger tips over the tattoo that she had, starting with her what was on her chest then going over to her shoulder and down her arm. It was one that she had designed herself. In memory of her fathers. They had both died in a car accident a year ago, roses for her poppa, leaves weaving around her chest and down her arm, rose head's peaking up every now and then. Humming birds for her dad each rose had a hummingbird hovering around it in some way or sometimes even touching it. A friend had done it for her, Rachel knew her and how good she was, the amount of detail she put into the tattoos was amazing. Rachel continued down her body and landed on what she saw as a curse, one of her secrets never to be revealed, people would think she was a freak. Rachel Berry had been born with a penis, all through high school she had never let anybody touch her, being as annoying as possible to the people around her, only allowing herself friends in the final few years and then she went to college, finished her course in the arts and started working, slowly building her way up to what she has become, the mysterious new up and coming artist and photographer. Rachel looked at her body, she hated it, she felt like a freak, she realised she was never going to be able to act on stage with this, having sex scenes and what not, it was never going to happen, so she changed her dream and she is happy with her life. She jumped into the shower and quickly washed, washing her hair thoroughly before getting out and getting ready sorting out her hair in a style where it was messy but still looked good and amazingly sexy. She chose to where a red shirt, rolling her sleeves up to the elbows, she placed a black tie around her neck leaving the tie undone, the top two buttons were undone. She placed black skinny jean trousers on and finished off with black male shoes, especially made in her size, they were her favourite pair. She picked up a fedora hat which was black but had red ribbon around it that matched the colour of her shirt. She also picked up her black framed glasses, sliding them onto her face, even though she only needed them for reading and when she worked she also used them to keep headaches away. She picked up her black jacket and draped over her arm, making sure she had her phone and wallet before leaving the apartment.

Quinn's taxi pulled up outside the theatre where she stepped out, she had gone for a black dress, shoulder straps, V-necked and showed some cleavage, she had black high heels on and a quarter length sleeved denim jacket. She leant against a wall that was in the light and checked the time, it was just coming up to seven. She really hoped Rachel wasn't going to stand her up, she had made reservations at one of the nicest restaurants she knew, she had been there once or twice, or maybe 32 times. What can she say, she likes the food there. She hears footsteps approaching her and quickly looks to her left to see Rachel coming towards her and her mouth goes dry at watch she sees, she had never seen the girl look so sexy.

'Hey you okay?' The brunette asked and all Quinn could do was try to nod. 'You look beautiful' Rachel states and Quinn blushes deeply.

'You look gorgeous Rach' Quinn states quietly. 'Shall we go, I made reservations at a restaurant just down the road from here' Quinn explained and Rachel nodded as they started to walk down the road. They don't know how it happened or who found the other but their hands found each other's and their fingers became entwined between them, both girls blushed as they continued down the road in comfortable silence neither one wanting to pull their hand away.

They got to the restaurant quickly, the staff seemed to recognise Quinn and immediatley took them to their table. Rachel chuckled as Quinn plushed and held a conversation with one of the waitresses she has been served by quite a lot.

They sat down Rachel made sure to pull Quinn's seat, making the girl blush once again, Rachel took her seat and accepted the menu she was given, the waitress took their order for their drink, Rachel open her menu quickly browsing over the menu picking her meal and shutting the menu, setting it down in front of her and looking round the restaurant as she waited for Quinn to chose her meal. She saw a couple with a little baby and smiled as she watched the parents coo over the little girl as she smiled up at her parents.

'Have you already chosen?' Quinn asked as she looked at Rachel, the girl snapped out of her daze and looked to Quinn.

'Yeah, it doesn't take me long to chose something when I'm hungry'

Quinn chuckled at the brunette who had a cheeky smile on her face.

'So come on then tell me how you got into being a director and choreographer so shows' Rachel said as she leant forward, before Quinn could answer the waitress returned and took their order and handed them their drinks, taking the menu's from them and leaving their table.

'Well I finished Yale, a friend of mine who had done the same course decided to go for a role on Broadway, she thought it would be fun, anyway she forced me to go to the audition with her, I sat at the back and watched them all, anyway my friend got the part and asked me go to a couple of rehearsels with her, I made notes in a pad and then went to the director and told him what I had written down, how develop it and make it better as well as taking away and adding things to the choreography, on of the guys that was helping him seemed pissed but the director took my notes looked them over and added them in, since then I've just been doing plays and shows helping other directors when asked.' Quinn said with a shrug, Rachel listened intently to the blonde.

'What about you? The last we heard of you you were going to NYADA' Quinn said.

'I lied' Rachel said with a shrug.

'What? What do you mean you lied?' Quinn exclaimed.

'I didn't get in to NYADA, I got into NYU, started in the arts and took even classes in photography. After my fathers died I just didn't feel like singing anymore, I sort of went into a punk stage like yours but mine lasted a year, but I started getting into the art, I felt free when I was painting or drawing, just letting everything flow, my style changed to what it is now, I love my job, yeah sometimes I miss singing but I still do it just not for anyone elses ears just mine.' Rachel explained.

Quinn reached across the table and took her hand, Rachel changed her hand position so that her fingers would encase the blonde's hand.

'I'm sorry about your dads Rachel' Quinn said sincerely.

'Its okay, I mean it still hurts but I just want to make them proud you know, I just want everything I do to be good enough to make them proud' Rachel explained.

'Rachel they were proud of you from the moment you were born, you made them proud every day and they are probably looking down on you and they are still so proud of you' Quinn told her, sincerity shining in her eyes.

The waitress came over then with their food, they ate happily talking about anything and everything, Quinn told Rachel about everything she had done after high school, Rachel told Quinn almost everything, not quite ready to tell her everything yet.

They each had a desert, when the bill cam Rachel snatched it up quickly, keeping it covered from the blonde as she sorted out enough money to cover both the bill and a generous tip. Quinn watched the whole thing with wide eyes before looking to Rachel and narrowing her eyes at the girl.

'What?' Rachel asked innocently. 'The gentleman always pays on the first date' Rachel states as she stands up, picking her jacket up and draping it across her arm, before going over to Quinn's chair picking up her jacket and then pulling out her chair, offering her hand to help her up, each action had made the blonde blush further and further.

They didn't let go until they reached the exit, Rachel dropped her hand so she could help the blonde into her jacket before slipping on her own, immediately after their hands found each others, they walked hand in hand down the street.

'So this is a date?' Quinn finally asked as she bit her lip and looked shyly at the girl next to her.

'Not unless you want it to be, it can just be a friends catching up meal if you want' Rachel stated her hand loosening a little.

Quinn tightened her hand around the looser one, did she want this to be a date? Hell yes. She was knocked out of her thoughts by the sound of a sigh, she looked to her right to see Rachel's head down with a defeated expression on it. Her hand loosening off even more. Quinn squeezed the loosening hand, how long had she been quiet for.

'I want this to be a date' she said shyly as she looked at Rachel, the brunette's head snapped up.

'Really?' The brunette asked hopefully.

'Yes really' Quinn answered the girl who smiled brightly at her, a smile that Quinn could not resist but return. Rachel's hand tightened around hers.

As they carried on down the street Quinn looked around and smiled, this was her street, she didn't normally take a taxi to the theatre but she had, had to take go to her friends house to sort something out and so she got a taxi from there to the theatre.

'This is my street' Quinn stated looking at the brunette next to her.

'Then I shall walk you home like a proper gentleman' Rachel stated, Quinn smiled and they continued down the street in happy comfortable silence. They quickly reached some apartments, Rachel looked up at the tall building.

'This is me' Quinn stated and Rachel nodded they quickly walked up the steps, Rachel was a little disappointed that their date was almost over.

Rachel dropped the blonde's hand as she searched for her key she placed one into her jean pocket. Quinn fiddled with keys and looked at Rachel.

'So I will see you tomorrow?' She asked biting her lip.

'Yeah I'll be there I have to finish off the last sets' Rachel answered and Quinn nodded.

'Yeah I have the last few auditions to do' Quinn explained. Turning back to face the door she slowly inserted the key card in her hand.

Rachel's brain was shouting at her. She's stalling, kiss her, kiss her god dammit.

Quinn turned to face Rachel to say something and was surprised when a hand grabbed the back of her head pulling her closer to Rachel's face, there was a plit second of eye contact before soft lips covered her own and she let out a tiny whimper. She dropped everything in her hands as she fisted the front of Rachel's jacket pulling her closer. Rachel wrapped her arms around the blonde and held her close as they kissed, she let her tongue lick Quinn's lower lip getting a moan from the blonde in her arms. The blonde opened her mouth and let's the girls tongue come in and slowly massage hers. Quinn felt her back come in contact with the door gently as Rachel leant her back. They continued kissing until their lungs burned and hurt with the need of oxygen. Rachel pulled away and looked at Quinn's face, her eyes were closed, her lips kiss swollen and she was panting in breaths.

Quinn opened her eyes and looked up to Rachel, their eyes locking as her fists stayed where they were balled up around Rachel's jacket.

'I, uh, um, who am I again' the blonde asked and Rachel chuckled.

'You are the most beautiful girl in the world' Rachel answered sincerity shining in her eyes. Quinn couldn't help but blush at the fond gaze on the girls face.

'Would you like to come up?' Quinn asked and saw Rachel's eyes widen at the words. Rachel swallowed thickly before nodding enthusiasticly.

'Yeah, I do love to' Rachel answered and Quinn nodded. Letting go of Rachel she turned to open the door as the other girl collected their belonging from the floor.

Quinn opened the door, pulling her card out before turning and facing the brunette behind her, placing her hand back where they had been she pulled the girl through the door with her. Rachel used her peripheral vision to guide them both through to the elevator as her eyes stayed locked with Quinn's. They got to the elevator and Rachel pushed the button for the elevator to come for them, they heard the ding for the elevator that meant it was open, they spun into it and Rachel couldn't hold back anymore she attached her lips to Quinn's neck, Quinn slipped her hand in to Rachel's hair keeping the brunette in place, the blonde moaned as she put her card in the slot and pressed the number. The lift started moving, Quinn tugged on Rachel's hair the girl taking her hint moved her head away from the blonde neck and met soft pink lips with her own.

Quinn took her card out and backed Rachel up to the doors as they opened they got through, Quinn dumping her stuff on the ground as their lips stayed attached. Some how they ended up in the living room, they toppled over the three seated sofa shuffling up as their lips moved against each other's.

Rachel pulled away abruptly, surprising Quinn. The girl could see that Rachel was warring with herself over something. Quinn reached up and cupped Rachel's face.

'What's wrong?' She asked softly as she moved the girl to look at her. 'Rachel? What's wrong?' she asked as the girl pulled away and sat up. Quinn sat facing Rachel her one leg bent as the other lay across Rachel.

'I have to tell you something, before we get into this, you should know something, I need you to know something' Rachel explained and Quinn looked at her a face full of concern.

'Okay, that's okay' Quinn answered not to sure what was going on.

'What I have to say you can't interupt, you have to let me finish, you have to listen, this could change the whole veiw you have on me and whether you want me or not' Rachel told her and the blonde nodded a silent promise not to interupt. 'When we were in high school, you know about the names that were thrown my way, man-hands, Rupaul, that sort of stuff' Rachel said.

'They weren't true though Rach' Quinn said looking at her, guilt in her eyes. 'I'm so sorry I did that to you.' Quinn muttered looking down to her hand's, Rachel put a finger under her chin and made her look, a gentle smile on her face. Quinn took her hand and held it tightly.

'I know, I forgive you, and your right I don't have man-hands at all, but Rupaul was really close to home, in fact you hit the nail on the head with that one' Rachel explained, she looked to Quinn to see the blonde staring at her with a confused look, Rachel took a deep breath. 'I was born a boy' Rachel said bluntly, Quinn stared at her stunned and moved her hand out of Rachel's grasp. 'I was called Ray, R-a-y, because I was born a boy, then over the years as I grew my features became more feminine everyday, my dad made me grow my hair and people always mistook me for a girl. My name got changed to Rachel, when I reached puberty everything else blossomed and I became a girl completely with womanly curves, the only thing male on me was and still is my penis' Rachel explained looking at the blonde sat next to her. 'My dad's didn't take me to the doctors, they said I was born to be who I was and that they loved me for who I was, there was no need to change or go to see the doctor.' Rachel finished, the blonde next to her moved and stood up, she turned her back on Rachel as she chewed on her thumb nail.

Rachel looked down to her lap to hide her tears from the blonde, she had lost her, she knew it, but she couldn't keep this a secret especially if they wanted a relationship. Rachel looked to Quinn who still seemed disgusted; her back was turned to her as the blonde girl walked to her window. Rachel nodded to herself admitting defeat she quietly stood up walking around the sofa she made her way to the lift pressing the button it dinged and she stepped in before pressing the down button, she looked up to see Quinn still staring out the window, either ignoring the fact that she left or she just hadn't realised, the doors finally shut and the lift started to go down Rachel leant back in to the lift and closed her eyes.

Quinn stood up she was letting everything sink in, it was a lot to take in after thinking the girl your in love with is all girl and then being told that she had a penis it was just a lot, wait had she just thought in love? Oh who was she kidding of course she was in love with the brunette sitting on her sofa, she had known for a while but does knowing that she had a penis change anything, if Quinn was honest the answer was no. Today had been quite a day, she had found the girl she was in love with and has been in love with for years, they went out on a date, they talked about their lives, she found out Rachel had a different dream, they kissed, a lot, then Rachel told her she had a penis. But it didn't change a thing about her feelings for the brunette, she loves the girl sitting in her apartment, she loves her with her whole heart, she had always felt a connection to the brunette that she couldn't explain. They could have children, woah okay where the hell did that come from? Well it is true they could, and the child would be both of them instead of just one of them. Quinn smiled at the thought she didn't miss the cold feeling that hit her chest, what was that though? Why had she just gone cold. She didn't know but she had come to here decision Rachel having a penis did not bother her one bit in fact the fact that the brunette was so brave to tell her about this meant a lot to her. Quinn smiled and turned around ready to talk to Rachel but was met with an empty sofa.

'Rach?' She asked and looked around, she hadn't heard any doors shut so the girl hadn't gone to the toilet. 'Rachel?' She asked again as realisation slowly sunk in, the cold feeling, it meant Rachel wasn't near her anymore, Rachel had left, Rachel had thought she didn't want her anymore. Quinn looked up to the lift it was still going down, she sprinted to the door leading to the stairs that lead down, she quickly ran down the steps knowing she needed to get to the bottom before the girl left.

Rachel stepped out of the lift and walked to the front door, opening the door she stepped out on to the street. She looked out into the road when she heard a loud honk a three year old was stood in the road. Rachel's eyes widened as she leapt down the steps and sprinted across the road reaching the three year old and picking the little boy up curling her body around him protectivly.


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