The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 11

Rachel followed Harriet around as she gave her the tour. The dark-skinned girl explained where everything was, what they were used for, the rules, and the jobs. She explained things about the Maze, about the Grievers, about the walls. At last, Harriet took her for an up close look at the North wall.

Rachel noticed that Harriet seemed to be a leader of some sort, although she didn't seem all too comfortable in her position yet.

"The Runners'll be coming in in about a few minutes." Harriet told her.

"Are you the leader?"

"No. I'm second in the command. I was the third girl to arrive here. Marie used to be second in command, but she got stung two months ago. Went through the Changing. Hasn't been the same since. Our leader is usually out running during the day."

"Then who was first? Who's leader?"

"Wait. Someone's coming."

An Asian girl with tanned skin, almond shaped brown eyes, and long silky black hair in a ponytail ran past them. "Hey, Harriet. This the new Greenie?"

"Yeah. Rachel, meet Michelle. Michelle, meet Rachel." Michelle smiled kindly at Rachel.

"Welcome to the Glade, Rachel." The Runner continued running to the Map Room.

"Was that her?" Rachel asked.

"No. Michelle was the second one up, though."

Rachel was slightly annoyed now. "Then who is?"

"Amelia, although most of us call her Amy. Our leader, and Keeper of the Runners."

"Is she the oldest one here?"

"No. In fact, she's one of the youngest. Came here when she was about thirteen. Course, she knows the Glade and maze better than any of us."

"And how long have you been here?"

"About two years."

Wow. Rachel thought in amazement. How had this band of teenaged girls manage to build this little civilization from scratch?

Harriet answered her question, as if reading her thoughts. "Amy's the one who established it all. Brought order into the Glade. Kept us all together. Look, there she is!"

A golden-haired, stormy grey eyed girl with pale skin ran into the Glade. She was the last. Looking to be only about fifteen years old, this girl was one of the youngest she'd seen so far. But she had an air of confidence around her, and Rachel could tell she was a good leader right from the start.

"Amy! Meet the Greenie here, Rachel." Harriet said. Amelia slowed her pace a little.

"Hi, Rachel. Nice to meet you. Look, Harriet, she looks hungry. Take her down to the kitchens. Beth probably won't mind. Give her a little something, since dinner doesn't start for a few hours." She kept running after the other Runners.

Up until that point, Rachel hadn't realized how hungry she was. "Who's Beth?"

"The Keeper of the Cooks. She used to be a Runner, but she was stung, and she quit. Makes a pretty good cook. Come on. The kitchens are at the Homestead."

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