The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 12

Harriet opened the doors to the kitchen, gesturing for Rachel to go inside. "Hi, Beth. The Greenie's dead on her feet and needs some nourishment. Special orders from Amy. We'll just make some sandwiches and begone."

"Fine." A girl sighed. This girl had fair skin, hazel eyes, and long brown hair. Rachel figured out that this had to be Beth, Keeper of the Cooks. Beth turned to looked at Rachel and froze. There was anger and fear in her expression as she stared.

"Um-hi." Rachel said. Those hazel eyes narrowed.

"I know you. I remember you." Beth said. Her words sounded menacing, as if the memories were bad. "You were there during the Changing. You're bad."

Harriet glanced between them. "Come on, Rachel. Let's go grab some bread." Relieved to get away from Beth, Rachel quickly obeyed. She could still feel Beth's hazel eyes drilling into her back.

That night, the Gladers had a celebrations. Harriet had told her that they did that every month, to celebrate the coming of a new Glader. Rachel had somehow wound up sitting next to Amelia.

"So, welcome to the Glade." Amelia said.


"Amy, shuck-face." Amy corrected. She seemed to be a sort of older sister to all of them, despite her age. Harriet had also told her that Amelia was protective towards the girls, since she was the leader, and had watched girls die right in front of her eyes. She'd also been through the Changing before, in the beginning. Michelle, who seemed to be Amy's best friend, had apparently saved her by giving her the Serum, as a desperate act to save her friend's life. Prior to that, they hadn't known what the Serum was for. Their leader was kind, but emotionally strong, and Rachel took a quick liking to her, although she'd heard that the blonde girl did tend to be sarcastic and sassy sometimes.

Michelle and a blonde, pale Track-hoe named Sonya, were having a heated, loud, but friendly debate on the other side of the bondfire. Rachel took a long drink from her jar of orange juice, wondering what they were talking about.

"So how was your first day?" Amy asked. Rachel shrugged.

"It was fine. But...Beth...doesn't seem to like me."

"Really?" Amy raised an eyebrow. "Why not?"

"She said...she said she recognized me. From the Changing. Like...I did something bad."

Amelia hesitated a moment before speaking. " be honest, I saw you during the Changing too. During something bad. But that shouldn't matter. None of us remember anything from our past. We should all just throw our past away and focus on the now. Those people that we used to be-they're bloody gone. Forever. What happened then, what we did, it doesn't matter. A bit."

Rachel was grateful that Amy trusted her, although all of the other Gladers who'd gone through the Changing seemed to know something about her and distrusted her. Many people were suspicious of her for that reason.

"Any jobs in mind?" Amy asked.

"Runner." For some strange reason, Rachel felt a strong pull to the job. The other girl laughed.

"No one wants to be a Runner. Unless they have a death wish. How about you? You've only been here for about nine hours. Already hate this place, do you?"

"No." Rachel wondered why Amelia had a strong accent, but everyone else talked normally. And she was the only person who used the word "bloody", and she said it constantly. "I just...feel like I have to. I can't explain it."

Fortunately, the Runner seemed to understand, even if it was vaguely.

"Well, Greenie, if you show me you're smart, and strong, I'll put you on the list of potential Trainees. Luckily for you, the list isn't very long."

"Okay. I guess it's a deal."

"Tomorrow we'll have you start with the Track-hoes. Tomorrow's my day off, so I'll be helping. Sound good to you, Greenie?"


"Good that. Come on, on your feet. Let's go see what Michelle and Sonya are bloody arguing about."

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