The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 13

Someone shook Rachel awake. All around her, girls were still quietly asleep. Amelia stood above her.

"Come on, Greenie. I want to show you something. Be quiet-we don't want to wake anyone up."

They walked across the Glade in silence, to the West Wall, which was still closed. Even the Runners were still asleep.

"Look here." Amelia glanced out of the window in the wall for a moment, then stepped back. Rachel leaned in, close to the glass. There was a long corridor, branching off into two more corridors. The Maze. There was a rustling noise and movement up ahead.

"What's that?" Rachel whispered. Suddenly, a slimy creature that appeared to be part machine, leaped out, smacking its head on the glass, again and again. Letting out a loud shriek, she was glad the Glass was so thick.

"That's a Griever."

"No kidding." Rachel shuddered. "Can we go now?"

"Sure. There's something else I want to show you, though. Come on, don't be afraid. This one won't be as bloody scary as the Griever." Amy took Rachel's arm and steered her towards the North wall.

On the North wall was a section with about fifty names scratched into the stone. Some were crossed out, and Rachel knew that they must be the girls who'd died. Despite that, she still felt an intense longing to go out and explore the Maze. In the very middle was the name AMELIA. Next to that was MICHELLE. Other names were there. HARRIET. SONYA. BETH. JOANNE. MARIE. SADIE. CLEO. HAT. ANNE. HELEN. Amelia handed her a silver knife.

"Put your name there. You're one of us now, no matter what you did in the past."

Rachel chose a spot under Anne's name and started scratching away.

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