The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 16

"Wait! Amy!" Nia ran to them. "I found something out in the Maze today."


Nia's eyes flashed excitedly. "I found a dead Griever."

"A dead Griever? That's impossible." Amelia's eyes narrowed. "Don't play tricks on me. I'm not exactly in the best of moods right now."

"I'm not playing a trick on you! There's a dead Griever out there, which I found on my run."

"Did you investigate?"

"No. I wanted to come back and tell you first."

"Okay. Tell Michelle to go check it out tomorrow. Where is it?"

"Section seven."

"Okay. Tell her exactly where it is, since tomorrow's your day off, yeah?"

"Okay. Thanks. Amy." Nia took a long glance at Rachel before turning away.

"You found a dead Griever?" Rachel asked.

"I guess so. Nia doesn't lie. Come on. Let's go. I'm bloody tired."

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