The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 17

The next morning, Rachel woke up early with one of the only people who seemed to support her, Amy. Amelia and Nia were sending Michelle off into the Maze. The former had swollen, puffy eyes, and a red nose, but they pretended not to notice. Both Amelia and Nia hugged Michelle, who promptly ran off.

Amelia went off to work with the Builders, while Nia accompanied Rachel to work with the Med-jacks. Nia was extremely good friends with Amelia, and each of the Med-jacks, especially Esther, Lanie, and Allison.

A few others were in the Medic room today surrounding the boy.

"What're you doing?" Nia asked. The regular Med-jacks were off to the side, looking helpless. Each of them looked pale. Allison pointed.

"They want to kill him. They said he's probably here as some kind of trigger for something bad." Elaine told them. Nia walked up to the girls. Rachel recognized the hazel eyes of Beth glaring at her.

The girls were murmuring quietly. A few had knives in their hand. Nia turned to Esther.

"Go get Amy, and hurry!" Esther turned and ran out of the Homestead.

The quiet murmuring continued, many of them followed by Nia and the Med-jack's arguments that he hadn't done anything wrong yet. Beth raised a knife to deliver a fateful stab, when Amelia charged into the room and tackled Beth to the ground.

"What was that for?!" Beth screamed, trying to toss Amy, who was trying to pin Beth, to the ground.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!" Amy shouted angrily.

"He's probably something that'll get us all killed!" Beth said.

"And what proof do you have?!" Amy managed to pin Beth to the floor. It was hectic in the Medicine Room. "What has he done to hurt us?!" Rachel had never seen Amy get this mad, and by the expressions on the faces of the other Gladers, no one else had either. Both girls scrambled to their feet as Amy unpinned Beth.

"Look at the note! The message he said!" Beth screamed.

"The shank hasn't bloody done klunk, slinthead!" Amelia shouted just as loudly. Rachel wondered why on earth Amelia was so unbelievably angry about something so simple.

"He said everything's about to change! It can really only get worse!"

Amelia suddenly lashed out at Beth, throwing a punch. Then she was on top of the Cook, throwing angry punch after punch.

"Amy!" Nia shouted. They tugged the screaming girls part.

"Get off me!" Their leader pushed the other girls away and sprinted out of the building. Amanda helped Beth up, who sported two black eyes and a bleeding nose. Beth glared at Rachel with so much venom that Rachel was surprised that she didn't die on the spot.

"You did this! This is your fault, I know it! I'll find out what you and him are here to do, an I'll stop it!" She spat.

"Come one." Nia muttered as Lanie and Esther held Beth back. Rachel followed Nia out.

"Amy's seen things in the Changing." Nia and Amelia sat in the Deadheads, on a bench. "I know her better than anyone here, except Michelle. She hates this place so much more than anyone else. This place probably can't possibly get any worse. And she saw something, something that's made her a strong believer in 'innocent until proven guilty'. That's why she got so mad."

"Where is she?"

"I don't know. She probably feels guilty now, so my guess is she's burning off some steam in the Maze."

Amelia came back a bit before the Runners did. "Michelle back yet?" She asked, face devoid of any expression.

"No. Why? Was she supposed to be back early?"

Amy frowned this time. "Yes. She should have come back hours ago."

As the time ticked away, she didn't even bother hiding her panic, running from Door to Door as the Runners returned. Michelle did not.

The Doors were about to close. The familiar rumbles sounded, and every Glader was gathered at the North Door, where Michelle had exited the Glade earlier that day. Amelia suddenly gasped.

"Michelle!" Before anyone stopped her, she sprinted into the Maze.

"No! Come back!" Nia shrieked. Michelle was stumbling towards them. She'd been stung. Amy tried to help Michelle, but Michelle collapsed.

"We have to help!" Rachel shouted.

"We can't. It's against the rules." Harriet said.

"She did!" Rachel shouted. The walls were moments from closing, and Rachel made her decision.

She moved forward, into the Maze.

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