The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 18

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?!" Amy screamed. The doors shut with a boom behind Rachel. "You idiot! Why didn't you stay in the Glade?!"

"I saw two people who were in trouble, so I came out to help! You're welcome," Rachel said angrily. She was risking her life to help them, and she was being called an idiot?

"That was against the rules. Those sticks in the Glade were suspicious of you before. Now what do you think they'll do to you, assuming we survive?"

"It doesn't matter. Was she stung?"

"Yes." Amelia's face darkened. "We've got to get her back into the Glade, and that means lasting until sunrise. No one's ever survived a night in the Maze, but maybe, just maybe, with us working together, we can find a way. But we have to find a place to put Michelle, because she'll be a burden." Rachel nodded. "Any ideas?" She looked round absently.

"Can't we just take her and find one?"

"No. I know this Maze better than anyone. There's nowhere where we can hide her unattended for the night without getting her caught."

"Look! The vines." An idea had just clicked in Rachel's head. "We can pull the ivy off the walls and make a rope. Then we can tie Michelle-"

A haunting moaning sound filled the air. Amelia whipped around. Rachel could see her eyes widen, her face lose its color rapidly, her mouth opening slightly, her breath start to quicken, and her pupils suddenly dilating in fear. "Grievers!" The Runner breathed.

"We gotta stay calm! Listen! Pull some vines off the wall, then you cal loop it around another vine, and use it as a pulley to hoist Michelle up." Amy looked at her as if she saw her in a new light.

"That's genius!" They started yanking ivy off the wall, knotting them together. When they had a suitable rope, Amy took an end of it and scaled rapidly up the wall, finding a looped piece of ivy and threading the rope through. Lowering the rope down to Rachel, she carefully climbed back down. Rachel tied the rope around Michelle's torso. They grabbed the other end of the rope.

"One, two, three. Pull!" Amy said. They gave a tug. "Again! Keep going!" They both grunted and heaved, making Michelle's limp body rise. "One more. Now!" They yanked as hard s they could. "We gotta tie it off. Hurry!" Her fingers fumbled with the plants as another chilling moan filled the air.

"Now what?" Rachel asked. She could see her friend was on the verge of panicking now, and wondered why she was so terrified of the Grievers. The Greenie had seen a Griever through the window before, and found that they weren't as terrifying as she thought.

"We gotta go. That's the best we can do." Amy faltered as two Grievers found them, coming from the same passage. "We'll split up. I'll meet you at the Cliff. Don't fall off. Go down that passage to the right, run until you reach the end of the corridor. Make a right, then straight, the left. Got it? And whatever you do, don't fall of the bloody Cliff. I'll meet you there. Go, now!" Rachel obeyed and ran deeper in the Maze. Looking back, she saw that none of the Grievers were chasing her yet. Why not? Maybe they were slow. Nia had told her that Grievers were fast when they wanted to be. Stumbling to the passage to the right, she looked behind again. Still no Grievers. What were they doing? Eating Amelia? No, she didn't want to think that. She reach the end of the passageway and kept going straight, then skidded left. There was a big clearing, and what appeared to be a cliff reaching out into the night sky.

"Hey!" Amelia was running with the two Grievers on her trail. She reached the very edge of the Cliff, then dove away. With a horrible shriek, the two monsters flew off the edge.

"Are they dead?" Rachel shouted, peering downward. They looked as if they had simply disappeared.

"Doesn't matter! Here comes so more! Get ready to jump! On my mark!" The Grievers rambled toward them, and Rachel resisted the urge to jump away.

Every millisecond felt like a million years.

"Not yet...not yet..."


"Now!" They both jumped away. The stone ground scratched their arms and legs as they skidded to the floor. The slimy half-robot half-living thing screamed as it fell off the Cliff.

Amelia and Rachel lay on the ground for a long time, to exhausted to move. What felt like centuries later, a ray of light reach out over the sky.

"No way," Amy murmured, pushing herself up to an upright position.


"We lasted till sunrise. Get up, we gotta go get Michelle."

Harriet, Sonya, and the others waited at the North door as it rumble open. Nothing met their eager and desperate eyes except a silent, long empty corridor.

"Not even any bodies to bury," Sonya said softly. The girls dejectedly started to trudge away.

"Wait-what's that?" Nia pointed at some movement at the end of the long corridor. The Gladers turned again, pulses speeding up.

"No. Way." Harriet breathed. Amelia and Rachel were stumbling towards them, supporting an unconscious Michelle.

"What the hell happened?" Sonya and Nia ran into the Maze and took Michelle. Amy collapsed to her knees, and so did Rachel. The former launched into the story of how they'd survived the night, the Gladers listening in awe.

"No one's ever survived a night in the Maze! But now we know how. This is-" Sonya rambled.

"Rachel." Amy interrupted suddenly. "We have to get some sleep and food. And get checked out by the Med-jacks. Let's go." She got to her feet and tugged Rachel up.

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