The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 19

Rachel grumbled as someone shook her awake. Nia crouched above her.


"What?" Rachel said, annoyed. She rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands.

"I just thought you'd like to know. Michelle's gotten the Serum." As if on cue, a chilling scream came from the Homestead. "And...Beth's been stirring up trouble. I'd be careful if I were you."

"What?" Rachel sat up, wide awake now. "Why? What'd she do?"

"Your broke our number one rules. And You're a Greenie. You shouldn't have lasted very long in the Maze, let alone a whole night, even with Amelia there. Beth's saying that you should be Banished. There's been a lot if fights breaking out. Also, she's suspicious about Amy defending you. She thinks she should be Banished too, 'for an inability to lead us correctly'." Nia rolled her eyes. "A closed Gathering's been called, and you're the only thing we're talking about." She paused briefly. " I brought you some food." She turned and handed Beth a tray full of good food-hot buttered bread, warm chicken and noodle soup, steaming hot chocolate. "See you later." She stood and walked away.

Rachel turned to the food, and had a sneaking suspicion that in a small, indirect way, Nia had been showing extreme support for her. She was glad that she had at least one person watching her back.

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