The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 2

The place was empty. And absolutely enormous! There were four huge walls surrounding a huge field. There was a big grey building in one corner, a looming barn in the other, some gangling trees in the woods, and a wide spread of garden. Looking back at the oppressive box she had come up in, Amelia saw there were some gloomy and silent crates. But where were the people? Why was it so deathly silent? Panicking, she started running to the large red barn. There had to be someone else in this huge place.

"H-hello?" She called, entering the barn. There were some cows, pigs, chickens, and a beagle, a female. The beagle bounded up to her playfully. The sight of the dog calmed the girl. "Hi," She said, scratching behind the dog's ears. "What's your name, girl? Is there anyone else here?" The dog whimpered joyfully, as if starved for physical touch, and she concluded that she was completely alone in this huge glade, except the animals. "I'll name you Jazz. Is that a good name? Jazz?" The beagle licked her leg, and Amelia looked down for the first time and took a good look at her clothes.

Purple running shorts, royal blue tank top, short white cotton ankle socks, a good, new pair of silver and blue running shoes. Two hair ties were around her right wrist, and her hair was in a braid. Her hair-what color was her hair? How tall was she? What color were her eyes? How old was she? The thought that she couldn't even remember forgetting scared her.

"Okay, Jazz. Want to come with me and look around this bloody glade?" She started leaving the barn, and the dog followed her out faithfully.

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