The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 23

"Go and get Ivy," Amy told Esther. The Med-jack nodded and jogged off to find Ivy.
"I'm going back to work the the Gardens," Nia said. Amy shrugged indifferently, and Nia ran off after Esther.
"Stick with me today, Rachel. You'll be working with me. Then tomorrow, the plan is you'll be in the Slammer, then after that you'll be alternating between working with me and Nia."
"What are we doing?"
"We're going to visit the boy again. See if you remember anything."
"But-Amy-" Rachel jogged slightly after Amy to keep up, since the other girl had a fast, brisk pace-"I don't remember a thing."
Amelia stopped in her tracks. "Please. Stop saying that, Greenie. We don't need to be shucking reminded that we're all trapped here with no memory. Just bugging shut up, and let's go." She started walking again.
"You weren't exactly helping old ladies cross the street in your old life. I'm not going to go into detail. I don't really remember it anyways, I was stung two years ago. So we're going to see if the boy can help." They were staring down at the unconscious boy. "If you remember anything, anything at all, tell me. Honestly."
"Well..." Rachel frowned. Reluctantly, she decided that she had no choice but to tell. "Well, when I first came here...I felt like I knew this place. From before I got here."
Amy nodded. If it shocked her, she didn't show it. "Anything else? That's interesting, and we'll try to figure out why later. For now, just concentrate. Mandy's been tending to him, and she says she says a lot of things in her sleep. Most of it isn't understandable, but one thing he keeps saying is your name." Rachel was hardly given time to process this before Amy told her to try again. "Concentrate."
"I am."
Rachel closed her eyes. Minutes passed, and she opened them again. "I know him. I just know I do.
"Try to remember specifics."
"I can't."
"Come on. Anything. Please try." Amelia leaned in, her voice softer. "Let's start with his name. Can you remember his name?"
The pleading in her voice made Rachel determined to remember something. Anything. Okay. Concentrate on his name. You can remember this. Come on. She thought, closing her eyes. Come on, Come on-
Rachel gasped, and her eyes flew opened.
"What? What is it?"
"Did-did you say something? Did you say anything?"
"What? No! Rachel! You must have remembered something! What is it?" Amy said excitedly.
Rachel. A boy's voice, talking in her mind.
"Okay. Okay. He's talking to me. In my head!"
"What is bloody wrong with you?"
"I swear! He's talking to me telepathically! He just said his name-he just said my name."
Rachel, we're the last ones. It'll end soon. It has to.
Rachel grabbed her head between her hands. "Stop it. Stop!"
Rachel, don't freak out on me."
"Stop it!" Rachel shouted again, louder this time.
My memories are fading already, Rachel. I'm not going to remember much when I wake up. But we can pass the Trials. They sent me as a trigger.
Rachel ignored Amy's questions and pushed past her, stumbling out of the door.
Everything is going to change, Rachel.
She began to sprint towards the Maze, wanting to scream, get away from it all. But the dreaded voice kept talking.
It was you and me, Rachel. We did this to them. To us.

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