The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 27

Rachel woke up to a dull, grey light. At first she though that maybe the day was cloudy, but then she remembered what she'd been told-
It never rains in the Glade. The weather never changes. It's not too hot. It's not too cold. Something was wrong. The temperature was still the same. And the sky was gone.

The girls were shouting, pointing at the sky, standing near the Box. The sky was just grey. Not cloudy, not the early moments of dawn. Just grey.
Rachel and the Gladers were too intelligent to conclude that the sun had simply disappeared. No, that was impossible. It was clear that they had never been working under the real sun, that their sun had been fake, that they were in some kind of huge room.
"Rachel!" Amy grabbed Rachel's arm. "Quit gawking, and let's go."
"We're still going?" Rachel asked, surprised. The day had started later than usual for them. Breakfast should have already been served, and people should have started working.
"Yeah. The sun gives us a bigger reason to look harder. Without the Sun, we won't have crops. No crops to eat, no food for the animals, no food for us. And the supplies in the Box have stopped coming us. So unless we get out of here, we're all dead."
Rachel thought about the boy's voice in her head. What had she meant by the ending? They signed in at the Map Room together. Rachel was going with Nia that day, in Section 8 once again.

They saw the Griever before they'd even made it to the door to Section 1. Nia was a few feet ahead of Rachel. They turned a corridor, and suddenly Nia stopped, making Rachel almost crash into her. Nia turned back and slapped her hand over Rachel's mouth, her eyes wide in alarm. "Griever!" She whispered. "It's just sitting there. Keep quiet."
Rachel's heart quickened its pace. Nia carefully peeked around the corner. "It's just sitting there-like that dead one we found."
"What do we do?" Rachel whispered back. Nia shook her head, then risked another peek.
"Shit-it's gone! Let's go!" They sprinted down the corridors, slowing at each turn so that Nia could look around the corner. Soon they had reached the Cliff. They stopped, and watched the Griever dig in with its spikes, then leap and spin off the Cliff. It disappeared from sight as if into a shadow.

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