The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 28

"I've seen that twice times now. Something's up," Rachel said. Nia looked at her with wide eyes.
"Three, Greenie."
"Michelle saw something like this too. Right after she got stung. The supposedly dead Griever. This is what she described."
"Hey," Rachel said, a realization coming into her mind, "If they can leave this way, so can we."
"Hang on, Greenie. Enough with the death wishes. We have to test this thing out first. Grab some rocks."
They gathered pebbles and started throwing them off the Cliff. None of them disappeared like the Griever had.
"I don't know how we never found this before. In the beginning, we threw things off the Cliff. None of them ever disappeared."
They kept throwing rocks, when Nia finally sat at the edge carefully, feet dangling off the Cliff. Rachel carefully did the same.
"No use wasting energy."
Rachel was soon beginning to lose hope when her next rock disappeared. She was so surprised she leaned forward and almost fell off. Nia quickly caught her.
"Be careful, idiot."
"Did you see that?"
"Yeah, I did. Start throwing around it." They soon discovered why it hadn't been found before-it was only a few feet square. "It's small."
" do they hide it?" Rachel wondered.
"Just like the way they took away the sky. It must be some kind of hologram or something hiding it. We'll tell Amy and Harriet about this tonight. Come on. We might be able to find something else."

They ran around the Maze, finding nothing but the stone and ivy. Rachel did the note-taking, while Nia did the ivy-cutting. Rachel couldn't spot much differences in the wall movements, but Nia effortlessly pointed them out.

As they returned to the Map Room, Rachel scrutinized the maps carefully.

"Any changes?"

"Nope. But two days isn't going to tell you much. But you can study them later. We should find Amelia and Harriet."

They found Harriet with the other Builders. She had no idea where Amy was, but went with them to go look. They found her staring at the Box from the Bloodhouse, frowning. She had just been feeding the dog, whose name was Jazz. Jazz loyally followed Amy around. Michelle was with them, looking annoyed and covered in dirt from working in the Gardens all day.
"Amy! We found something," Nia said breathlessly. Amy looked at her, surprised, breaking her train of thought.
Nia told her about the Griever, and how it had disappeared, then the rocks and dimensions of the hidden passageway.
"Good," Amy said. "Because the bloody supplies from the Box haven't come up this week."
Nia stared with shocked eyes. "We're shucked for good now."
"Don't that," Amy snapped sharply. "But yeah, we're shucked. No sun for the crops, no food from the Creators. But I think you may have found a way out."
"The Griever Hole." Rachel muttered. Everyone looked at her, annoyed, as if she had no right to speak, but Amy shrugged.
"As good a name as any." A commotion came from the Homestead, and they turned to see Joanna bolting from the building.
"Joanne! What is it?" Nia asked, gripping the girl's shoulders.
"The boy! He awake!"
Rachel! I don't know any of these people! Who are these girls?! What's going on! Come here! It's all fading. I have to tell you everything, but I'm forgetting everything but you. It's fading!
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