The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 29

The others departed to go and talk to the boy, and Rachel ran to her favorite spot in the Deadheads. She curled up in her sleeping bag, when she heard a voice.
"Rachel?" It was the boy. But this time was different. She'd heard it not with her mind, but with her ears. She peeked up. The boy, Aris, looked so much different standing, instead of lying in the Medic room in a coma. He crouched down next to her, and she sat up. "You really don't remember me, do you?"
"You mean you remember me?" He nodded.
"It's hard to explain. I remember remembering. I remember you, but I also don't. Like...I knew you before this place, but I can't remember anything specific. You know?"
"That's pretty much everyone here. Except they didn't know anyone," Rachel told him. " do you speak to me inside my mind?"
"I don't know. It's like asking me how you breathe. You just do it. I bet you can do it too."
"Well...Aris-" Aris cocked his head slightly as she used his name-" Care explaining to me what you said?"
"I don't know. I just know we're important somehow. We were sent for a reason. I know I triggered the Ending. I told you," He said, throwing up his hands in frustration, "I don't remember anything except that I know you. I think we were friends. But I wrote this on my arm, right before everything slipped away." He drew back his sleeve, revealing writing. "I don't know why."
WICKED is good
He licked his thumb and started rubbing away the pen marks. Rachel watched him for a bit. It must mean something. But now's not the time to ask. "You said the Maze is a code. What do you mean?"
"I said I don't know. My memories are about as useless as yours." He scowled at her, still trying unsuccessfully to rub off the ink. She tried to scowl at him back, but she instead smiled.
"Well, you look familiar to me, and you claim we're friends. I'll trust you." She held out her hand, and he grinned and shook it. They both looked up as Esther, Amy, Michelle, Sonya, and Nia ran to them, looking panicked.
"What's going on?" Rachel asked. But even as Amy turned to her, her eyes frightened, she knew. She hadn't felt the rumbling, or heard the loud boom.
"The Doors, slinthead. They haven't closed tonight."

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