The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 34

They all squatted next to the trunks, tugging the heavy lids open.
"All of them for each month are here, right?"
"You think we'd leave any of them to be destroyed, Greenie?"
"No. But anyways, you know how you said that you don't know what you're looking for when you study them?"
"Just get to the point."
"What if they made words?"
Nia snorted. "We would have found out if there were words there, wouldn't we."
"Maybe you just don't see them clearly."
"What do you mean?"
"What if you're supposed to compare them one day at a time? Each Runner is assigned to a section every day, and then they and their partner draw a map for the section, and compare it to yesterday's map for that same section."
"No duh." Amelia rolled her eyes.
"What if you compared each section to the other sections from the same day? Have you ever tried that before?"
Nia and Amelia exchanged glances.
"Well-yeah, right in the beginning. But we stopped after a few weeks. There was nothing to see."
"Because there wasn't anything you could easily see by just comparing them. What if each day was a letter? We need wax paper."
"Wax. Paper. Do we have any?"
"Yeah. In the kitchens. Why?"
"Just get me some, and I'll show you."
"Fine." Amy sprinted away.

Amy came back with bundles of wax paper, which apparently were used for baking, gasping, along with the Keepers. She'd ran at full speed around the Glade, finding them.
"Here-Greenie. Show us-what you've got." She panted. Rachel took a sheet of wax paper and sat on the floor. The weapons and practice range had been taken to a secret spare room. She took a marker and started tracing one of the maps from Section 1.
"This is day one hundred. Get the maps from the other sections and start tracing them," She instructed them.
"This had better be good," Harriet said. They all sat down and took some wax paper, and traced the maps.
They traced map after map, until Sonya said, "I think that's enough. My fingers are dead and inked up. Let's just compare them."
"Let's use day one first," Rachel said. "This is the beginning of the cycle, right?"
"Okay. Put Section 1 here, then Sections 2 to 8 in a line." They did so, and she stacked them all on top of each other, so that you could clearly see the lines from each map.
"It works," Amy breathed.
On the center of the page was the letter F.

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