The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 36

Rachel lay in her sleeping bag the rest of the day. She was preparing herself for her crazy plans for that night. Aris tried to talk to her, but she brushed him off, saying that she just wanted to sleep, or wanted to just think alone. Later on, Amy came to her.
"Hey, Greenie," She said, sitting down next to her.
"So...I hear you and your boyfriend aren't talking right now."
Rachel turned her head to look at Amy, who had a small smirk on her face. She wasn't in the mood for teasing right now.
"I'm not in the mood."
Amy shrugged, and they were silent for a few moments, both of them deep in thought.
"Listen. Don't get offended or anything. But I don't want to talk to you right now. Or Aris. Or anyone." Amy kept staring at a stray flower a few feet awy from them, without acknowledgement of Rachel's words. "Amy. Did you hear me?" Still no sounds or acknowledgement. Then-
"You weren't the only one shucked up in here, Rachel."
Amy turned to her, her grey eyes sad and dull. "Two years in this bloody godforsaken place. It can drive a person mad."
"Are you mad?"
"Well...I guess not."
"What does that mean?"
Amy shrugged, then stood up quickly. "I'll leave you to your thoughts."
"You said you didn't feel like talking to anyone right now. I'll go." And with that, she quickly walked away, giving Rachel the feeling that Amy was hiding something herself.

At night, Rachel sat in between Amy and Aris. The room crackled with tension, and everyone was trying to squeeze themselves against the wall furthest from the boarded windows, trying to keep silent. Amy kept shooting Rachel weird looks. Then, the Grievers came.
One rolled into the room and grabbed a girl that Rachel couldn't see. The girls started screaming.
"It's got Ashley!" Someone shrieked. Rachel took a second to steel herself, then dove at the retrieving Griever.
Rachel! What are you doing?! Aris screamed in her mind. His screaming invaded her mind, giving her a headache. Adding to that were the voices of the other girls, screaming and shouting for her. She ignored them, and sprinted into the middle of their pack. The Grievers hesitated, caught by surprise, and she jumped on the one holding Ashley. She tugged at the Runner, trying to get her from the Griever's grasp. Then one of them converged onto her, then another, and she kicked at them. she didn't want to be taken, only Stung. There were needle pricks everywhere on her body, and pain, which told her that she'd succeeded. She kicked with all of her might, then jumped out of the swarming mess, and sprinted away towards the other girls, who were watching in shock. Then she collapsed, her adrenaline fading, dizzy and nauseated. She lay there, the world spinning, her body weak.
Amy was on her in a second. "What were you thinking?!" She shook Rachel, then grabbed under her arms. "Someone get her legs. Take her to he Medic Room, now!"
Strong arms grabbed her legs and she was lifted up. People were yelling at her, asking her why, why had she done it, how could she be so stupid.
"I did it on purpose. Stop worrying," She murmured. People were shouting for Aris to leave, and her clothes were ripped away as they checked her body for damage. A needle pricked her arm, and everything became a sea of black.

She was floating in a sea of black, with no feeling of her body, or anything.
Then it all exploded. Everything was torture. Everything was pure pain, in it's rawest form.

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