The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 38

Michelle, whom Rachel had not noticed before, stood up from behind Amy's standing form.
"That's bull." She glared at Rachel.
"I don't think so," Amy argued. "She saved our lives, Michelle. And she just got Stung and went through the Changing for the last few days. Why would she making this up?"
"To earn our trust! She's probably still aligned with them. It's a death trap!"
Amy and Michelle glared at each other. But something was suspicious about Michelle.
"I think that's bull," Amy snapped. "Besides, what choice do we have? We can either get taken one by one, or risk dying to maybe get out of here. I'd rather do the latter, wouldn't you?" With that, Michelle's face crumbled, and she sank down back into her chair, crying.
"We-we can't go back," She sobbed. "No. It's terrible."
"What do you mean?" Amy sat down next to her and put her hands on the other girl's shoulders. "Michelle?"
"I-I saw things," Hiccuped Michelle miserably. "In the Changing." Amy's face hardened.
"It doesn't matter. Either way we die."
"I did it." This came out almost a whisper.
"I did it." Michelle looked up at them all. "I shucking burned the Maps."
"But-why?" Amy asked, taking her hands away.
"I-I saw life outside the Glade. We can't go back." She started crying harder, a storm of sobs. "Life in the Glade-it's-it's-it's heaven compared to outside!" The Keepers exchanged looks.
"We saved the Maps. You warned us," Nia informed Michelle quietly. "Remember?" Michelle nodded.
"Rosa." Amy nodded at the Keeper of the Bricknicks. "Take Michelle to the Medic Room and have her lie down." Rosa nodded and escorted Michelle out. The room was now deadly silent.
"But-" Rachel struggled to form the words to get her new idea out. "There's a small chance that the Grievers might just take one person again. Like every night. Then everyone else can-"
"No." Amy stood and glared at her once again. "I know what you're thinking. You're going to sacrifice yourself. I forbid it."
"Yes, mother." Rachel snapped. "You aren't the boss of me."
"Okay. Fine." Amy lifted her chin. "But then I wouldn't get to kick your shuck butt afterwards for getting us into this mess." Rachel translated it as I don't want to watch you die because you've become a good friend and shrugged.
"Fine. Hate to say it, but some of us are bound to die anyways. Maybe after the first person falls, they'll leave us alone."
"Yeah. Whatever. Gathering dismissed." The Keepers left the room.

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