The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 39

"Okay." Amy walked up to Rachel and Aris with her dinner, a grave expression on her face. "It's done. Most of them agreed to go. The others are staying and taking their chances. Only about ten are staying." Rachel nodded as she took a bite of noodles. One of the only things she'd miss about the place was the good food. She sat across the table from them, facing them. "You okay, Greenie?"

"Yeah," they said together. Rachel moodily watched Amy wolfed down her meal.

"You're hungry," Rachel commented. Amy looked up at her, a bit of humor in her eyes beneath the stark terror, the same that Rachel felt.

"Yeah, well, it may well be my last meal. Might as well enjoy it, right?"

"But you just gulped it down like you weren't even tasting it."

Amy smirked at her, but something about it was flimsy. "I always eat fast, Greenie. haven't you ever noticed I'm always done first?" Then she took stood up, taking her tray back into the kitchen.

The doors were about to close, and the ten or so girls who weren't coming were quickly saying their last good-byes. The rest of the Gladers were ready to go, to make their final stand. The word final sent shivers of terror down Rachel's back. What is she was wrong? What if those memories had been planted there? But there was no turning back now.
"Okay. You all know the bloody plan," Amy said, determination in her voice. "After two crap years of being treated like lab rats, this is it. Our final stand. But we can do this. Just focus. We're the Gladers. Tonight, the Grievers, the Creators-they'd better be scared. They'd better be ready for us." She raised her sword in the air. "You hear that, you shuck sticks?! We're coming!" Everyone raised their sword in the air, courage trickling into them. She was right. There was no turning back now-they either made it out of they didn't. Rachel shouted along with the other girls, thrusting her weapon into the air. "Let's go!" With that, Amy turned and ran into the maze, the rest of the group following behind.
You can do this! She thought to herself, also projecting her thoughts into Aris's head. We can do this. We have to! Just make it into the Griever Hole.
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