The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 4

Amelia lay in one of the beds in the Homestead(she'd found quite a few bedrooms) awake, Jazz curled up next to her. A lizard-like robot thing crawled into the room and stared at her with glowing red eyes before scampering away when she tried to catch it.

Beetle blade. She thought to herself. Again, the name popped into her mind. The woods are the Deadheads. The barn is the Bloodhouse. The prison thing behind the Homestead is called the Slammer. But what's outside the walls?

Strange rumbling noises, much like the sound she'd heard when the walls had moved at sunset, came from behind the walls. Like...there were more walls behind the four walls. What had a lot of walls? A stone castle? A...stone maze? Those were the only things she could think of, and she was pretty sure a stone castle wouldn't be out there. Yes, it was most likely a maze or something. Yawning, with the comfortable warmth of Jazz beside her, she fell asleep.

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