The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 40

They ran for awhile at a steady pace, the non-Runners slightly panting as they struggled to keep up with the rest of the group. Soon, they made it to the edge of the Maze, where the Cliff began, in Section 8. Amy stopped and peered around the corner. She looked back at them, her eyes full of determination and fear at the same time.
"They're waiting for us." She said, just loud enough for everyone to hear her. Fear began to trickle back into Rachel. "But we can do this. We have to. Are you all ready?"
The girls gripped their weapons, their eyes wide with terror, and nodded.
"Good. Remember. Don't be stupid, and make sure Rachel and Aris make it into the Hole!"
"Wait," Rachel muttered. "Amy, come with us into the Hole. We might need help." Amy locked eyes with her, and nodded.
"Fine. Good luck, all of you. Do your best, and we'll win." She raised her sword again, and shouted, "Let's go!" And the girls charged.

A terrified scream broke out as the first girl died. Hope fluttered in Rachel's heart, as terrible as it was, that maybe the Grievers were still only taking one person. But it blew out like a candle as another girl fell.
"Make a path!" She heard Harriet screaming. Rachel grabbed onto Aris and Amy's hands, ready to go. Her heart and mind was racing, and she reviewed the words in her head. Float. Catch. Bleed. Death. Stiff. Push.
"They've made an opening!" Amy shouted. "Go!" They started running towards the edge of the Cliff, Amy wrenching her hand free and helping to defend her two companions. Everything was a blur around them as Rachel focused on getting to the their escape.
Something sharp and metal ripped at her leg, forming a cut and making her stumble.
Just keep going! Aris urged her in her mind.
I know! She shoved the pain away from herself and forced herself to keep going.
One of them almost got Amy! Aris screamed into her mind. Girls battled all around them, stabbing and falling and jumping and screaming and yelling. It was true chaos.
"Get ready to jump!" Amy screamed. They were a few feet from the Hole now. "You first!"
"Now!" Rachel sprang into the air, aiming for the Hole. A line of icy cold shot across her skin as she entered the darkness. She hit the floor and scrambled to her feet. A few moments later, Aris slammed into her, knocking her to the floor, then Amy.
"Sorry!" Amy gasped, rolling away from they. They all scrambled to feet.
There! Aris said, looking towards a grimy, green sheet of glass with a keyboard attached. Rachel dove at it and started punching in the words as fast as she could.
FLOAT. She typed. The word disappeared on the screen. CATCH. That one disappeared too. BLEED. Gone. DEATH. STIFF. PUSH. But when she typed PUSH, the screen blinked red light and the word disappeared. Nothing happened. PUSH. The same thing happened.

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