The Maze Runner-Group B

A Converstion In The Scorch

A Conversation in the Scorch Trials

Thomas followed the girls, staying with the group but also staying away. He watched as one girl, named Michelle, trudged forward, making few idle conversations with other girls. She had the same lost look as Aris, looked like what Thomas felt like after he’d lost Chuck. She’d lost a close friend. He decided to try talking to her.


She looked up. “Oh. Hi.”

“You’re Michelle. Right?”

“Yeah.” They walked in awkward silence for a few minutes. Then-

“You know that blonde guy in your group?”


“I guess.” She looked at him with sad eyes. “Does he have a weird accent and say the word ‘bloody’ alot?”

Thomas was almost stunned by her knowledge. “Yeah. How do you know?”

She gave him a hollow smile. “My best friend, Amelia, was the same way. She was around fifteen. She looked a bit like your friend Newt. Had some weird accent, said the word ‘bloody’ a lot. They way he looked...his expressions...his body language...some of his facial features...reminded me of her.”

“Who is Amelia?”

“She was our leader. The first one up. I was the second. She sacrificed herself for Rachel.” Michelle laughed bitterly. “See how well that turned out.”

“Maybe they were related. He could be her brother.”

“Yeah. Probably. She remembered that she had an older brother after she went through the Changing. Said she was taken away from him. They both went to different Mazes. She didn’t remember his name, or anything specific about his face, except he looked a bit like her. Anyways, that's why Teresa's in charge. Harriet put Sonya as second-in-command, but they aren't comfortable in their new positions yet. So they let Teresa take charge, since she seemed to know what she was doing.” Then Michelle sped up, leaving Thomas to walk alone again.


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