The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 5

Amelia got up early the next morning at 6 o'clock. She spotted a spot on one of the walls, a window. Looking inside, she saw a long corridor forking into two passages. So it is a maze. A flash of movement caught her eye. Leaning closer, she looked around though the window. A creature, part robot, part living thing, jumped about and smashed its head on the window. Amelia screamed and jumped away from the window. What was that? She thought to herself. A name popped into her mind. A Griever.

A few days later, she packed a pack with food and water, took her weapons, packed paper and a pencil, and told Jazz to stay. She was going to explore the Maze, despite the monster...the Griever.

Heading out into the Maze, she knew she'd have to get back before sundown, before the walls closed. Especially if those Grievers were in the Maze. She did not want to get stuck out there with them alone. Wanting to explore as much as she could, she started running, using her knife to mark the ivy on the walls as she ran. It was hard, but eventually she got the hang of it. Fortunately, she was in very good shape. After moving for about an hour and a half, she paused and sat down, taking a quick break. Using the paper and pencil, she drew what she had seen, writing Amelia. How many days had she been there? Five. Day Five. Stowing her sketches back into her pack and taking a quick drink, she got up again.

The Maze was huge, and there seemed to be no way out. At least a way she hadn't found yet. Amelia doubted she'd even explored a quarter of it.

She kept running for a few more hours, then paused to eat lunch, jotting down more notes. Amazingly, she could remember the exact route she'd taken from the Glade without looking at her notes. Roughly half the day was over, and she knew she had to head back.

When she'd finally reached the Glade, Jazz bounded up to her joyfully, barking.

"Hey, Jazz. You hungry?" Scratching behind the beagle's ears, she fed her meat from the supplies.

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