The Maze Runner-Group B

Chapter 8

Michelle had been in the Glade for two weeks. She and Amelia had grown close. Michelle had taken a day off from running and was tending the plants. Amelia was running late, and she was worried. She should be back by now. The walls will be closing soon. Finishing up what she was doing, she went to wait at the doors with Jazz. Knowing the doors were going to close in five minutes, she paced, when a flicker of movement caught her eye. Amelia was stumbling back towards her. Michelle ran to her, helping her back to the Homestead. "Amy! What happened?"

"A Griever. Found me. Pricked me. Needle. Stung," She mumbled. Her friend looked almost like a rabid animal. Taking her into the medic room, she looked around for anything that might help. Nothing looked like anything that could help her friend, excepted maybe the unfamiliar syringes they hadn't found a use for yet.

"Tie-me-DOWN!" Amelia suddenly growled. She was going mad.

"Okay, okay. What do I do?!" She got some clothes torn from ripped clothes and tied the writhing girl to the bed.

"Anything!" Amy said through gritted teeth. Suddenly, she started screaming, and Michelle grabbed the syringe. This better work. Jabbing the needle into Amy's arm, she pressed down the plunger.

The girl went calm, and closed her eyes, seemingly falling asleep. Relieved, Michelle took Jazz, who was whimpering.

"Come on, girl. We'll go cook up some dinner. I'll give you some meat, yeah?"

It wasn't until a meal was steaming on the table in the kitchen an hour later when the screaming began. Tortured screams. Michelle abandoned the food, and sprinted to the medic room. Amy was straining against the bonds, screaming her throat raw, still unconscious. Her veins her greenish and prominent, a case of hives had appeared on her skin, and a number of scratches, bruises, and cuts appeared to have been inflicted upon herself.

Cold, freezing terror trickled through Michelle's veins, chilling her.

What have I done?

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