Rebels and Leaders


"My name is Four, usually I work in the control room but for the next six weeks I'll be your instructor." The familiar man who pulled me out the net stated.

"Four, like the number?" Christina blurts out.

"Exactly like the number." Four smirks.

"What one through three were already taken?" She blurts out again. I sigh. Candors. Four steps forward.

"What's your name initiate?" He questions dryly.

"Christina." She grins.

"Well, Christina." Four snaps, his face inches from hers.

"First rule you learn from me, if you want to survive in Dauntless, is keep your mouth shut." Christina's eyes snap to her feet, her face flushed. I've never seen a Candor's face turn so red in my life. I snicker to myself.

"Now, follow me."

Four led us around the compound, showing us the pit, which was remarkable to say the least, and the Chasm, which apparently every year at least one person winds up at the bottom of. A chill runs down my spine as I think of all the ways they could have ended up down there.

"And while you are going through initiation you will be staying in here." Four gestures to a large room full of small beds.

"Boys or girls?" Someone asks.

"Both." He states. "And if you love this you're really going to love the bathroom."

Everyone gasps as they see what he's talking about, the wall is lined with toilets on one end and showers on the other, with no stalls for any privacy. I roll my eyes, well this should be lovely.

"You Candors should enjoy this, everything out and the open and everything." Four smirks and shoves past Tris.

"Dinner is at five, which gives you about thirty minutes to change and burn your old clothes."

Four disappears out of sight, and everyone starts shuffling around, claiming beds. I walk to a bed towards the back of the room in a corner, Tris takes the bed beside me, and Christina takes one beside her.

"Can you believe that guy?" Christina snorts, yanking off her shoes.

"What, did you expect the Dauntless to great us with warm hugs and smiles?" I ask. "Last time I checked that was an Amity thing." I give Christina a smirk and she chunks her shoe at me, I catch it and give her a cocky grin.

"Smart ass." She says rolling her eyes.

"How did you put up with her for so long?" Christina says to Tris, who is staring at her new Dauntless clothing laid out on her bed.

"What's wrong?" Christina asks, zipping up her skin tight black pants.

"Abnegation aren't really big about getting dressed in front of people." I say in a low voice.

Tris looks up at me, her eyes full of that determination I had seen before she jumped on the train. She then pulls off her dress, and begins fumbling with her shirt and pants. I give her a nod and yank the hair tie out of my hair, letting red locks fall around my face and over my shoulders, then began to do the same.

"Well, well, well," the Candor boy from earlier says, looking me up and down. "Who would have thought, a Stiff with a loud mouth and a body?"

I tighten my jaw and try to ignore him, slipping on my shirt, and stepping into my pants.

"Leave her alone Peter." Christina growls. Peter lets out a laugh.

"See you around Stiff." He winks before walking off.

"What an idiot." Christina scoffs. And we all head towards the dining hall.

We stand around with our plates in hand, trying to find a place to sit amongst the crowds of people.

"Should we?" Tris asks. Gesturing to a few seats open beside Four. I roll my eyes and take a seat in front of the Erudite boy, putting Tris beside Four, and Christina at my other side. Tris and I stare at the food at our plate for a moment, both unsure what to do with it.

"What never seen a hamburger before?" Christina laughs.

"Abnegation have a mostly plant based diet with no salt or seasoning." The Erudite boy in front of me says.

"What textbook did you swallow?" Christina laughs.

"I'm Will, Erudite, this is Al." He gestures to a tall broad boy beside him.

"Christina." She says. Tris smiles.

"I'm Tris."

Al and Will look at me expectantly.

"Oh and this is broody." Christina jokes.

"Ava." I say, rolling my eyes.

"Nice show on the roof earlier by the way, I've never seen an Abnegation as outspoken as you."

Will smiles at me.

"Yeah well there's a reason I'm not in Abnegation anymore." I grumble.

"So how did you two become friends anyway?" Christina asks Tris and I. "No offense but you guys seem like two totally different people."

"When I was younger I got bullied pretty bad. Mostly by some of the Dauntless kids at school. One day three of them pushed me down and took my bag, Ava saw and punched one in the face so hard she broke his nose, the other two ran off, and well we've been friends ever since." Tris smiles at me and I return it.

"You broke a Dauntless's nose?" Al asked in shock.

"Ass deserved it." I huff.

"An Abnegation, beating up a Dauntless? That's practically unheard of!" Christina laughs.

"Yeah well Abnegation wasn't very happy about it." I say examining my food.

"Enough talk about your old factions." Four snaps. "You're Dauntless now."

"Were you a transfer?" Tris asks sincerely. Four gives her and unreadable look.

"Are you serious?" He asks.


"What makes you think you can talk to me?" Four says dryly.

Tris looks down at her plate in defeat. My blood boiled. What an asshole. I was getting ready to tell him, when to my surprise, Tris spoke up.

"Must be because you're so approachable, you know like a bucket of nails".

I couldn't help but let out chuckle. I liked this new Beatrice.

"Careful." Four says, taking a sip of his drink.

"Wow, you really do have a death wish." I smirk at her.

"No, you're just rubbing off on me."

I give her a playful angry look before busting out laughing.

"Four." A familiar asshole voice comes from behind us. Eric. He strolls up and gives Four a not so friendly slap on the back. Four doesn't seem to be big fan of Eric himself.

"What do you need, Eric." He sighs.

"Max has been wondering why you've been avoiding him?" He asks, a false concern in his voice.

"Tell Max I wasn't interested two years ago and I'm still not interested now." Four says dryly.

"Ah, he's still trying to recruit you?"

"That would be the case."

Eric pauses for a moment. His eyes fall on me, and all of the amusement he was apparently having torturing Four fell from his face. His eyes were cold and hard, and staring right at me.

"Aren't you going to introduce me." He says to Four without averting his gaze, his voice void of emotion. Four sighs and turns to us.

“ That's Tris, Ava, Christina, Will, and Al."

Eric grunts.

"Too many Stiffs around here these days." He says before turning on his heels and stomping off.

Four's body tenses up for half a second before he snatches up his plate.

"Training begins in ten!" He growls before storming off.

We arrive in the training room right on time. Four is standing in the middle of the room, his arms behind his back, and an annoyed look on his face, but what's new? I think to myself. Hmm. Wonder if that's what people say to themselves about me? I shake myself back to reality and find Eric is leaned against the back wall of the room. His eyes burning holes in me.

God what is that guys problem? I glare back at him and he clenches his jaw. My heart picks up pace when he begins walking in my direction buy slows down when he stops by Four and averts his gaze from me.

"There will be three stages of training." Four begins. "The first stage, your physical abilities will be tested, the second is emotionally, and the third is mentally."

"You will be ranked after the first stage" Eric cuts in. "The top ten will move on to the next stage, the rest of you," Eric smirks, apparently finding amusement in the next part. "will be cut."

"Cut?" Christina blurts out.

"Cut." Eric says curtly.

"What will happen to us?" Asks Will.

"Well you can't go back home so, you'll become factionless."

"What?! No one told us this?" Christina gasps.

"What, would it have changed your mind knowing? If so then you should leave now because if you were truly Dauntless it wouldn't matter. You chose us so, now we get to choose you."

Eric's eyes find mine again and I clench my jaw, holding myself back from saying something he'd most likely make me regret later, but he must have sensed it.

"Got something to say initiate?" He asks. Screw it.

"You know if you're going to try and say something to me, you should try using my name."

Eric steps in front of me, his face so close to mine I can feel his breath.

"Oh right, sorry." He says in a deadly low tone. "Got something to say, STIFF." Eric grins with accomplishment and Peter and his band of misfits snicker.

Fire rises in my stomach and my body begins to tremble. I'll make him eat those words.

"Aw, did I upset you Stiff?"

I feel Tris grab my hand next to me and I try to steady my breathing.

"Never seen a Stiff so upset. Isn't that too selfish for you or something?" Eric pry's some more.

"I don't have to take this." I say turning around to leave, but Eric grabs my arm and spins me around to face him again. His grip so tight it makes my eyes water.

"Oh I think you do." He growls, all amusement out of his voice. "You better watch yourself Stiff, and remind yourself who you are talking too."

He releases my arm with a shove. My hand goes to my stinging arm where small purple bruises have already begun to form. Eric walks back to the middle of the room and stands by Four again, who's body is tensed up once more. Four begins to explain the first stage, but I don't listen, I'm too busy trying to settle my nerves. I so very badly wanted to wipe that smirk right off Eric's face, but even though he was a total asshole, he still was a Dauntless leader, and my life was literally in his hands.

"You must have really pissed that guy off." Christina says sitting down beside me on my bed.

"He must have not taken the whole roof thing to well." Will says leaning against the wall.

"But then again Dauntless aren't all hugs and smiles are they." Christina elbows me and I can't help but smile. Touché Christina. Touché.

"I thought you said my big mouth would get me into trouble." Tris smiles, “but here you are getting your big mouth into trouble instead. Hmm who would have thought?" She says sarcastically.

We all have a laugh and I look down at my arm where a huge purple hand print has formed. I grimace as I poke the skin.

"Holy crap, he did that to you?" Christina gasps.

"Yeah it doesn't hurt though." I lie.

"I know you have that whole outspoken thing going on," She adds, "But I'd be careful if I were you, something's definitely up with that guy."

She was right, something definitely was up with him, he was a Dauntless leader who wanted everyone to know just how powerful he was, and if I wasn't careful I would end up an example to the rest of the initiates. But I'm not Abnegation, and careful just isn't in my nature.

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