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About 7 kids who go lurking in the sewers to find a demon clown that can transform into any thing

Horror / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Its summer break and the four losers Bill,Stanley,Richie and Eddie are all talking about going to the quarry so they head to Eddie's house to pack food and of course Richie is teasing Eddie as always Richie:hey Eddie these birth control pills? Eddie:yeah I'm saving them for your sister,this is private stuff! They were finnaly done packing food so they went to the front door Eddie's mom Wanted to know what they were up to so of course she asked Sonia:Eddie bear were you boys headed off to? Bill:oh we got a n-n-new Richie:A new crocain set c'mon spit it out b-b-bill! Sonia:ok oh Eddie bear dont be rolling in the grass even if its a new cut you know how bad your allergies get... Eddie aren't you forgetting something?? Eddie embarrass as ever walks over to kiss his mom on the cheek Richie:giggles do you want one from me to Mrs:K? Eddie:*shoves Richie and Bill out*shut up!.......sorry mommy... They were on their way to the barrens because bill changed his mind so bill was looking in the sewers and of course Richie was picking on Eddie when Richie was doing that bill saw a shoe and picked it up and looked for the name it read Betty R then Richie made a dumb joke about her walking around the sewers with one shoe Ben the new kid was getting picked on by Henry Bowers the bully at the school they went to the kissing bridge and Bowers pulled out his knife and was going to write his whole name but only go to write the letter H on bens stomach then he kicked

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