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My Mates


Lily is 17 and she finds out she has mates of every supernatural species and that she was born to fight an up coming war and not only that but she was also born with the all the supernatural species in her. Go with her on this adventure and see what choices she makes.

Fantasy / Action
Aalyssa Thompson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello my name is lily I just turn 17 I'm in 11th grade and I go to bridgewood high school with my two best friends autumn and Sarah I've known them since we where toddlers when I moved next door to them and I saw them play outside and I went up to them and asked them can I with them and ever since then I've been good friends with them and we always stick up for each other's anyways here I am getting ready for school I'm thick with an hourglass body and I'm 5'3 with short platinum hair to my shoulders and I have pretty violent eyes in case y'all all wondering I go to a school full of supernatural and hopefully when I get there I'll find my mate my friends already found their mates I hope he's a dream come true and he isn't mean or he doesn't reject me I heard it very painful when you get rejected that it makes you wanna die not many make it through when it happens anyways enough of that today I'm wearing a black tank top with blue ripped jean's shorts.

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