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Kim JungHeun as a reader Jeon Jungkook as himself ~•~•~•~ All of her friends already have their own soulmate. Jungheun? The most cold heart girl didn't find her one. "When will you find your soulmate?" "I guess you will live alone without your soulmate" "I heard that if someone didn't find their own soulmate, that's meant your live isn't worthy." "Goodluck on finding your soulmate!"

Fantasy / Romance
MiraEvelyn !
Age Rating:

01: New Student

Jungkook's POV

"Good morning Mr Jeon"

"Stop calling me that. Jungkook is fine!" I said to my so called driver for hundreth time.

"But your father won't let me call you that. Sorry Mr Jeon" the driver slightly bowed down.

I groan in frustration.

"Please get in the car as i will drive you to your new school" the driver said.

I get inside the car.


I finally arrived at my new school. Its where all the great vampire study. Not about those human's subject. Here we will learn how to fight, control ourself, and how to haunt. The school is pretty big. I can probably lost in this big buildings of school.

"New here?" I turned around, meeting two guys looking at me.

"Y-yes." I replied.

"Well, i'm your senior, Kim Taehyung" the guy with deep voice introduced himself.

"I'm Park Jimin, Taehyung's soulmate~" the guy beside taehyung said.

Soulmate.. wow! I wish i have one..

"I'm Jeon Jungkook." I introduced myself as i bowed 90degrees.

"Chill young boy. Don't be so formal. You can call us hyung." Taehyung said, chuckling at the end.

"So, what kind of vampire are you? Royal blood? Half blood? Full blood? Mix blood??" Jimin asked.

"I-i don't know.. my dad is royal blood. While my mom is half blood." I said.

"That's meant you are mixed blood, pabo!" Taehyung said.

"W-wah.. really?"

"Yup! Its a rare blood! If you tell anyone about your blood, maybe they will be a bit disgust with you but don't take it serious. You are still part of us!~" jimin said, smiling.

I smiled back at him.

"We will go now! Our class is going to start any soon. Bye jungkook!" Taehyung said.

Then he walked away with jimin.

Wah.. i just made friends with senior! That's a great to start!


I went inside my classroom,, there still not so many student. All of my new classtmate is looking at me.

I just ignore their stare as i went to an empty seat beside the window. In case i feel bored or stress while studying, i can look outside.

After few minutes, i heard bunched of student screaming. Not in terrify, but in excitement. More like fanboying and fangirling.

"Omo! She is here!"

"Wah! She is pretty!"

"Her brown hair is shining!"

"I wish i have face like her!"

"Ah i gay for her!"

"I hope she is my soulmate, but she is not!"

I looked at who is they fanboying and fangirling over.

Its a girl with pale skin, brown 8 hair, dark brown eyes, cherry lips and rossy cheeks. She is so beautiful.

As i was admiring her, suddenly our eyes met. She is glaring at me!

Why the fuck is she glaring at me??

She walked directly at me.

"This is my place. Sit somewhere else." She said in monotone.

I was startled at first. I got this place first so this is mine!

"No! I got this place first so you need to find another seat or you can sit beside me" i said, sounding a bit confident.

Her glare grew wider.

To be honest, its scary. Really!

"Who do you think you are talking too?!" She asked.

"I don't know you" i replied dryly.

"So, you are new, huh?" A guy appeared behind her.

I guess he is her soulmate.

She just staring deeply into my soul. If stare can kill, i might be die already and you all invited to mg funeral.

"She is Kim Jungheun, the elite team–"

"Look, i don't care who you both are. I got this place first so this is my place. You can't easily to tell the others to go away and find somewhere else to sit. Its not fair! Its always first come, first serve. That's how life works" i said, giving them a small speech.

The guy looked at me in shock.

The girl who i think her name is Kim Jungheun just stared at me in speechless. Her stare is cold.

Then, she went to a seat beside me and sit on it without saying anything. She folded her arm as her back agains't the chair. She just stared in front of the class blankly.

I guess i'm win! Yey!

Jungheun's POV

I can't fucking believe i lost to that new student!

But, i kinda amuse because he didn't care who am i. He really fight for the truth. He is right: First come, first serve.

Even my mom tell me the same thing.

Jungkook's POV

"Goodmorning everyone~ i'm Mrs Soo, your new class teacher. Well, can all of you introduced yourself and tell me your rank and ability" Mrs soo said.

Geez, why do we need to tell our rank and ability?

The others student started to introduce theirself.

Its finally the rude girl beside me turn.

"I'm Kim Jungheun. Well, everyone already know me. So, i don't want to say more thing about me." She said in monotone.

Ergh! Still rude.

"Hey. My name is Jeon jungkook. I'm new to here. I still don't know my rank yet and my ability is control someone mind. I still need some train on my ability." I said, smiling.

"Oh! New student. Great!" Mrs soo said.


Its finally lunch time.

I went to the canteen alone. As i was walking through the hallway, i saw taehyung and jimin waving their hand at me.

I make my way to them.

"Lunch with us?" Jimin asked.

I slowly nodded my head. We made our way to the canteen. As soon i arrived at the canteen, a table with gold and red and some fancy stuff as the decorations caught my attention.

"Can i know what kind of that table for?" I asked.

Jimin and taehyung let out a heavy sigh.

"That table is for elite team. No one can sit there except five elite vampire." Jimin explained.

Then, jimin and taehyung dragged me to a table beside the elite's table. There's 4 unfamiliar guy sitting at the table.

"Hey guys! This is new kid! He is our junior, jungkook~" taehyung said.

"Hey, i'm namjoon"

"Seokjin or worldwide handsome"

"Yoongi or suga"

"Hoseok or jhope~"

"Jeon jungkook" i said, smiling shyly.

I sit beside taehyung and seokjin. To be honest, they are so lovely. They make me feel welcome. Like a brothers to me.

Suddenly, we heard the same scream i heard earlier.

"The elites is here now" yoongi said.

I looked at who is the elite.

She is the elite?!


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