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02: Princess

Jungkook's POV

She is the elite?!

"F-fuck.." i murmured myself.

"No cursing young boy~" seokjin said.

"I'm doom!!" I groaned.

"What do you mean??" Hoseok asked.

"Well, i kind of gave her a small speech.." i said, fiddling my finger.

"Who?" They asked.

"The girl in the center" i said.

"You mean the greatest MRS KIM JUNGHEUN?!" taehyung asked, want to make sure.

I slowly nodded my head.

Okay.. but.. what the fuck with the 'GREATEST MRS' nickname??

"What?! You talked with her?!" Yoongi asked in disbelief.

"Yup.." i replied.

All of them looked at me in awe.


"No one has ever talk with her except the elite members. Tell us how can you talk with her." Namjoon said.

I told them about the incident between me and her.

"Are you kidding young boy?! That's her place! No one dare to sit at her place but you dare?!" Jimin asked, unbelievable.

"Its always first come, first serve. And why everyone fear of her? I know that she is in elite team but aren't it too much to fear her??" I asked.

"She is not only the elite, but she is in rank 1. No one can defeat her. She have five abilities which is rare! Her parents is king and queen. Which make her the princess of vampire. She is cold. Very cold! Her stare can kill your confindent." Namjoon explained.


Kill me!

"Yes, she is." A voices interrupted us.

I turned around and i saw five elite members.

"Hey friends!" Lucas said to jimin and taehyung.


"So, you are new here?" A girl with black hair asked me.

"Yes he is. He is jeon jungkook. He is the one who make our princess speechless by his small speech." Lucas said, holding his laughter.

What so funny?! She can kill me anytime!

"Shut up before i kill you with my bare hand!" Jungheun threatening lucas.

Her eyes turned into light red.

"C-chill.. you are scaring me!" Lucas said.

"Don't mind them. I'm Jennie, rank 4"

"I'm Jisoo, rank 5"

"I'm lucas, rank 2"

"I'm kai, rank 3"

I just nodded.

I saw jungheun staring at me with her cold eyes.

"We should go now." She said, breaking eyes contact.

"What?? That's so early!" Lucas whined.

"I don't care. Lets go!" Jungheun said, grabbing his hand.

Then, she dragged him away. The others elite members just follow them from behind.

"What the fuck is going on??" I asked them.

"As you see, me, taehyung and lucas are a good friend!" Jimin said, smiling proudly.

"Yeah, he is the one who greeted us first when we came here." Taehyung said.

"So, lucas is her soulmate?" I asked.

"W-what?? No! He is kai's soulmate!" Namjoon interrupted.

"Mrs Jungheun didn't find her soulmate yet." Seokjin said.

"Oh.. i see" i said.

"How about you?" Hoseok asked.

"W-well.. i didn't find one for me yet" i replied in sadness.

"O-oh.. don't worry. You will find one soon!" Taehyung said.

"Yeah.. i hope so. How about you guys? Taehyung hyung is jimin hyung's soulmate." I said.

"I'm seokjin hyung's soulmate" namjoon said, smiling.

"I'm yoongi hyung's soulmate" hoseok said proudly.

"Wah.. i bet it so exciting" i said.

I can't wait to find one for myself!~

Jungheun's POV

"Why are you guys smiling like an idiot?" I asked, looking at jennie and jisoo acting all lovely.

"Well, i just found out that jennie is my soulmate!" Jisoo said, squealing excitedly.

"Really? Congrats then.." i said, trying to sound cheerful.

Now, i'm alone..

"When will you find your soulmate?" Kai asked.

"Never, i guess.." i said.

"Ah don't be sad! You will find one soon!" Jennie said, hugging me.

I slightly pushed her. She already have her soulmate. I don't want her soulmate to get jealous.

"I guess you will live alone without your soulmate" lucas said.

Aish! This guy if not making my heart hurt for a day will never happen!

"If that so i will live that way then! Its not like my life isn't worhty without my soulmate!" I snapped.

"But, I heard if someone didn't find their own soulmate, that's mean your life isn't worthy.." jisoo said in slow tone.

I just keep myself in silence. Actually, i'm so hurt. Is it true that i'm unworthy?

"I will find one for myself soon!" I said,, then i get up from my sit and walked to the exist.

I can bare with them talking about soulmate!

"Goodluck on finding your soulmate!"


Its ranking class now. Here we will know what is our ranking. We need to take this test once in a month. Its finally my turn. We need to undress ourself, so i did. Now, i'm in my short and bra.

Jungkook's POV

I saw jungheun is undressing herself for the test.

Shit.. she is so breathtaking!

Her body is beautiful. My breath started to feel heavy. My heart is beating so fast. An unfamiliar feelings is approaching me!

"She is making me hard!"

"I wish she is my soulmate!"

I can hear all the boys is fanboying over her.

Then, they started to put some kind of wire on her good body.

"Mrs Kim Jungheun, stay in rank 1. Abilities increase another 30%. Now is 370%." Mrs Soo said.

Damn! 30% is a huge number!

The others student is just 4% as their increase number.

I looked at jungkook who just looked cold. Like, she doesn't surprise at all.

Now, its my turn! I can't wait to know my rank!

Jungheun's POV

I put my uniform back.

Ugh, the boys really can't control their own eyes.

Now, its jungkook's turn. I wonder about his rank.

He started to undress himself. Now, he just in his sweatpant.

I can see his well built body. His abs caught my attention.

D-damm! Why is it so hot here?!

I can't stop myself from staring at him.

My breath started to feel heavy. An unfamiliar feelings approached me. My cheeks started to heat. I can say my cheeks is red now!

Suddenly, we make eyes contact for great 5 seconds before i break the eyes contact.

It make me more flustered!

"Jeon Jungkook, rank 7. Now is 170%."

Rank 7?! 220%?!


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