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The First Hunter


A young Yautja rescues a human female and takes her to his ship, mistaken her for a youngling.

Scifi / Romance
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The First Hunt

Bet-karh pushed the dead body of the last Xenomorph off him. He slowly removed his bio-helmet and took a deep breath, savoring the moment. He began to mark himself with the blood of his kill, carefully tracing the symbol of his clan with pride. He celebrated his victory with a loud roar so all could hear it.

The rite of passage was conducted every 100 years on Earth. Each Young Blood taking part would be expected to return with the head of a Xenomorph killed in hand-to-hand combat. The task was not an easy one, but Bet-karh possessed a level of technological advancement far in excess of anything available to any other species.

His brothers have been hunting for centuries, collecting trophies and a wide range of items across the galaxy. Bet-karh, however, was the youngest of the five elite hunters, and finally given the honor to hunt solo. His father was the strongest ruler the clan has ever had, and expected Bet-karh to follow his footsteps and honor the family with many trophies.

Bet-karh’s intelligence and technological skills gave him far advantage over any species. He created and perfected many of the gadgets used in his home world, which made him one of the most valuable hunters of his clan, aside from his older brother, Zahraun, whom many believed was far more dangerous than Cetanu.

The five brothers were very different from one another, Zahraun being the one with the strongest traits. His determination and ability to plan accurately, filtering and blocking out personal matters, allowed him to strive for the best solutions and guaranteed him success time and time again. Being trained since young age by Zahraun was an honor, Bet-karh thought. And he made a trilling sound at the thought of returning to his homework to be reunited with his family.

He began to load his pod with furs, skulls, some weird looking plant he found along the way, and weaponry. His bio-helmet scanned the area one more time, making sure no creature lived. He made a series of clicking noises, pleased with the strategic location he chose to place the detonators.

All hunters were expected to plant destruct devices to eliminate any trace of the Xenomorph or the hunt. In a matter of minutes, the whole perimeter would simply turn into ashes. There would be no traces of him ever visiting the backwater planet.

A muffled sound caught his attention - something he never heard before. An animal, perhaps? Filled with curiosity, the hunter strapped back his weapon and stalked towards the sound.

He found the source minutes later. Through his bio-helmet he spotted a tiny creature viciously attacking some invisible force. It swung a... ahh... cloth? Bet-karh was confused. He watched as the small creature swung a piece of fabric left and right, aiming to kill what exactly? He couldn’t tell. After making several adjustments to his bio-helmet vision and still nothing, he then moved closer to the little alien to get a better view.

The creature suddenly stopped fighting and dropped to its knees, its tinny body trembling with exhaustion and defeat. He noticed tiny red bumps on its skin, and microscopic Zabins flying around it.

The creature was defeated by... insects? It took a moment for the disgust to sink in. This excuse of a creature was not worth living, Bet-karh thought. He considered doing it a favor and end its miserable existence for good. He would make it quick and painless.

As if sensing the danger, the creature slowly stood up to its “full” 5′3" ft height and turned. He then saw its face for the first time. The unmistakable delicate features quietly declaring - a female. The first he has ever seen.

Bet-karh quickly understood why the creature was so frightened. She was not equipped for survival. Although the animals of this forest were no match for him, they could easily kill her.

Was she abandoned by her clan? Perhaps they were ashamed? The young hunter had so many questions. He loathed the weaker species, alright. But by Yautja standards, it was considered dishonorable to leave young females unprotected.

Bet-karh snarled in disgust. This was the puniest living creature he has even encountered, and she was completely oblivious of what is soon to take place. His moral compass kicked in. Soon, the whole perimeter would be up in flames, and he too would be considered dishonorable for letting the poor creature perish.

A decision was made! Bet-karh disarmed his invisible cloak and marched towards the human female.

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