Only the marked know

Waking up

Severus Snape's POV

I watch as my god son's eyes flutter open revealing two drowsy baby blue ones. I closely examine the damage Lucius Malfoy inflicted on his son. Not yet sure of what had happened, I try to recall the earlier events in my head. But no matter how hard I try the image of Draco's limp form on the ground curled into himself, with dried tears and blood coating his face barely breathing along with the smell of burnt hear and the sounds of his whimpers... I'm soon snapped from my thoughts when I hear Draco.

"Hey uncle Sev." Draco says in a raspy voice trying to act like nothing happened.

"How do you feel?" I ask seeing through Draco's false pretense.

"Always the one to get straight down to business weren't you?" Draco says with a grim look, but I ignore this fact and keeps questioning him.

"Yes indeed I am... I want to know exactly when and why you ended up like this, I would also like an explanation as to why the house elf called Dobby seems to be insinuating that you did magic with no wand nor an incantation?" I ask yet not receiving an answer more of a question.

"Uncle Sev, have you ever felt like you've just run out of reasons to scream? When father used the cruciatus curse on me about twenty minutes into it I just stopped screaming, I felt like I had lost my reason to hurt, no one was going to come, no one cared so what was the point in fighting it, I became so numb I just stopped feeling. Is that normal?" Draco asks looking up at me. Taking a deep breath Draco continues with his inquire.

"I've been made to read books about all the unforgivable curses and the fact of the matter is, that once hit with the cruciatus there's no escaping it, it manipulates your brain into thinking it's in pain but I didn't feel that, it was like I didn't care anymore, then I looked into his eyes and I just forgot why I was being punished why my own father didn't give a shit that I was writhing in pain beneath him. I started to scream again, for him to stop, for him just to care. Only when he released me from the curse and walked away did I start to remember. Then I fell unconscious letting the darkness take me somewhere safe where there was no more pain. Then I wake up here, in the house of my god father, how is that?" I stand there for the first time in for ever unsure of what to say.

"Dobby came to get me."

Draco Malfoy's POV

Confused and frustrated I do the only thing I know. I ask questions until I get the answer I want.

"What do you mean Dobby came to get you, he couldn't have I was about to shake him senseless but as soon as I came into contact with the house elf he just disappeared like he was never there." I say furrowing my brow in confusion.

"That's what he said." Uncle Sev says just as confused as me.

"Call for him Draco, maybe he can feel in the gaps." I shake my head in agreement and call for Dobby, it's only a minuet before the floppy eared house elf shows up beside me.

"You called Yong Malfoy?" I look at Dobby closely before questioning him.

"Dobby, were you there, when father was punishing me?" A haunted expression makes its way onto the house elf's face.

"Yes Dobby was there, but Young Malfoy please do not make Dobby repeat that horrible event." He begs.

"Please Dobby, it's the only way we'll be able to understand." Dobby slowly nod his head obeying my request.

"Well Dobby was just standing there when Young Malfoy touched me, Dobby's body froze, Dobby could not move and then Master burst in through the door but he didn't seem to see Dobby. Dobby was standing right next to Young Malfoy it was only after Young Malfoy had closed his eyes that Dobby was released from the wand less body bind charm and invisibility spell." Dobby says giving a short description of those events.

"Can you give a description of when Draco was hit by the cruciatus curse?" Uncle Sev asks, I look up at him with bewilderment.

"Why would you want to know about that?" I ask shocked.

"I'm trying to understand why you were able to pull out of the curse, when it has been written down in the most ancient of books that no one not even the Dark Lord would be able to release himself." Now understanding what uncle Sev was talking about I ask Dobby to answer the question.

"I-I-it was like Dobby was in-invisible and frozen on the spot, Dobby watched as Master started the curse, it was only twenty minutes into the spell when Young Malfoy stopped shaking, writhing in pain or screaming. It was like the curse hadn't even hit Young Malfoy, like Young Malfoy had lost the will to scream, Young Malfoy just laid there not moving, then Young Malfoy looked into Masters eyes and it started all over again but it wasn't screams of agony, it was screams asking why Master was doing that to Young Malfoy why Master didn't care, it was horrible Young Malfoy." Speechless and not sure of what to say I just set there motionless then a horrifying realization comes to mind I'm going to have to go back, I'm going to have to spend the rest of my life with the man I call father.

"Don't make me go back..." I whisper. I slowly look up into my god fathers soft green eyes. I can see that he's going to send me back but he can't, he can't send me back there.

"Please don't make me go back, don't make me go back! I don't want to go back he'll only punish me again when he figures out what else I did I can't go back uncle Sev he'll kill me..." Draco says trailing off at the look on his god fathers face.

"What did you do Draco?" Severus says quizzically.

"I sent all the house elves to Hogwarts, I ask that the house elves be given a day off, payed and I asked Dumbledore to tell the Ministry never to let Lucius Malfoy have the permission to buy another house elf." I say with more confidence then I actually have. I watch as uncle Sev shakes his head.

"Sometimes I fear you have too much Gryffindor in you." He says with a small smile playing on his lips. Thankful to have a happier subject to talk about I ask a question that's been on my mind for a while.

"Hey uncle Sev I got my Hogwarts letter a few weeks ago and was wondering if you would be willing to take me to Diagon Alley?" I ask with a sheepish grin.

"I'm not sure Draco. I don't think your father would like that very much." Uncle Sev says unsure.

"Who cares? You were his best man, my god father, you were a death eater..."

I stop myself mid-sentence when I see uncle Sev flinch.

"Sorry uncle Sev, I didn't mean it that way, I just meant that father will trust you, you're practically his brother." I say backtracking.

"I'll think about it, but you need to get home before anything else bad happens." Uncle Sev says. I only nod my head dreading having to go back.

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