Only the marked know

Diagon Alley

Draco Malfoy's POV

***Three days later***

"Hey uncle Sev?" I say as we walk past the shops in Diagon Alley.

"Yeah Draco?" Uncle Sev says.

"Can we go to the book shop first please?" I ask.

"And why would you want to go there first?" He asks.

"Well I just wanted to go and get some extra books for some fun reading." I replie.

"You know your father won't be happy if he finds out about your obsession with muggle books." Uncle Sev states. I'm shocked at the fact that uncle Sev knows this, but who cares it not like he's going to tell my father right?

"You're not going to tell father right? You know what he would do to me if he found out." I ask with evident panic.

"Of course I won't but you should find a new hiding spot." He tells me, I only nod my noting to remove muggle books from under bed.

As we enter the book shop my nose is invaded by the scent of old parchment and freshly sealed books. I quickly shoot off to the muggle section but just before I turn the corner I catche sight of a girl with a crazy mop of raven colored hair and her parents looking a bit confused. So I decide to go help them, though if father was here he would of dragged me out of the shop by my ears and beat the leaving day light out of me, 'because no Malfoy helps those beneath them,' which is practically everyone to my father.

"Hi there, it looks like you guys need some help." I say trying to look as confident as I can portray.

"Um yeah do you know where all these books are?" The girl I spotted first says.

"Yeah sure come on." I say waving my hand for them to follow.

"Ok so here's The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk," I say handing her the book, I then start walking past book shelves that may have the book needed and just keep passing them to her saying the names out loud.

"Hermione would you mind if we just pop out to go and ask where our guide has gone, well you and sorry son what's your name?" Says her father.

"Oh my names Draco, Draco Malfoy and what is yours sir?" I ask just as taught and out of politeness.

"Sir, I think I like you more and more every second. My names Joseph Granger this is my wife Isabella and my daughter Hermione." He says gesturing to his wife and daughter.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you and I wouldn't mind staying here and helping out Hermione with getting her books, my uncles just over there." I say pointing over to the man in the potions section.

"Thank you." Joseph says and with that his wife and him turn around and leave.

"So we only have four more books to get but I was wondering if you could tell me of any books worth reading." Hermione asks.

"Yeah sure if you go to the back there are some muggle books and if you go to the section with history over it you should look for Hogwarts a history and others. This whole book shop is filled with good books." I tells her feeling my cheeks heat up out of embarrassment for my obsession with books.

"So Hermione what do you know so far about Hogwarts?" I ask as we walk past more books.

"Well I know that there is this sorting hat that puts you into houses named Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. I know about the game Quidditch and I also know about the whole muggle-born, half-blood and pure-blood thing." She says in a know-it-all voice.

"That's cool so what house do you want to be in or think is the best for you?" I question curiously.

"Well I'm not really sure, I guess I'll wait and see, what about you?" She asks me.

"Well I don't really think I have a choice, my father and mother want me to be in Slytherin because everyone in our family has been in it but I don't really think it's for me, I don't mind it but I like to think that the sorting hat will put me in a house I will be safe and fit in. Slytherin is a house for cunning and loyalty but there's a price to that loyalty, they will choose those who they think are worthy of it and once you have their loyalty you won't be disappointed but if they are threatened they will give anything up even their own flesh and bone, see Slytherins are also cowards, Hufflepuff are for those who have big hearts they trust to easily and love to fast, they are loyal and truthful but they also know how to twist that truth they are not all soft and squashy, when they have been double crossed they'll make you pay but so many people don't see them this way all they see are innocent and forgiving people they forget that love and hate are only a thin line apart, Ravenclaw is where all the people thirsty for knowledge are put, they don't care the outcome they need the truth and cold hard facts, they're smart but that's not all they are they are immoral beings and Gryffindor well they always prepare for the worst and hope for the best. But what all houses have in common is they are only human and when it comes down to that you're nothing but equal." I tell her but now thinking about it, it all kind of sounds depressing.

"Well thanks for feeling me in on house morals. Anything else I need to know?" She asks sarcastically.

"No I have more of a question to ask. Do you know what a mudblood is?" I ask her.

"No, Why?" She asks.

"A mudblood is a name for those with non magical blood. Which would be you but it means far more when you take it to heart. So if anyone calls you a mudblood don't listen to them ok." I inform her. Imagining her meeting his father, first Lucius would insult her blood then her family then accuse her of being a slut and tell her that all she was good for was...

"Hey I think your mum and dad are coming back." I say trying to get read of those discouraging thoughts. I then turn away from the girl, but before I'm out of ear shot I hear her call out her thanks.

"Hey uncle Sev ready to go?" I ask.

"You didn't get any books?" Uncle Sev asks. I only shake my head.

"Well I got all your books want to go and get your uniform?" I nod my head but add an afterthought.

"How about I go and get my uniform while you get all the extra equipment?" I suggest.

"Sure." And with that we split up.

H.arry Potter's POV

As I enter Madam Malkins fitting shop I spot a boy with pale skin and platinum blonde hair at the back being fitted by another witch. Maybe I can finally make a friend and not feel completely out of place I think to myself.

"Hello dear, Hogwarts too?" I'm asked by a small, smiling witch dressed all in mauve.

"Well dear?" Oh Hogwarts um yes I nod my head in confirmation.

"Well then come on we have all the stuff back there, in fact there's another boy just being fitted." She says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards a stool right next to the boy I had spotted earlier.

"Hello my names Draco, Draco Malfoy." He says in a conversational manner.

"Oh my names Harry, Harry Potter." I say with more confidence then I actually have.

"Well I'm guessing that I'm not the first one to say. Oh look everyone I'm standing next to the boy who lived, quick someone pinch me." He says jokingly.

"No not exactly but you're the first one not to over react and try to jump me." I say with a smile.

"No thanks you're not really my type." Draco says rather cheekily.

"Oh and here I thought this was you flirting." I say back with a crooked grin.

"So what house do you want to be in for Hogwarts?" He asks me. Great just great, what are these houses he's talking about?

"Oh that's right you got put into a house with muggles who hate magic that must suck mate." Draco says, I'm surprised and at a loss of words so I just stands there gobsmacked.

"Come on Harry you're the most famous wizard of all time, of course they're going to keep tabs on you." Still shocked I just stand there not sure of what to do or say.

"Hey how about after this we can go around Diagon Alley to get our stuff if that's ok with you, and I can tell you all about Hogwarts and Quidditch." Draco asks me. I only nod my head happy that someone is willing to tell me some stuff about the wizard world without running off.

"Ok so who did you come with if your aunt and uncle don't like magic?" Thankful for an easy topic I start telling him all about how I got here and who I came with.

"So I'm guessing the guy out there with the ice-cream is the man you call Hagrid?" Draco asks.

"Yeah that's him come on we're finished." I say.

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