Only the marked know

Mr Ollivanders Wand Shop

Draco Malfoy's POV

Ok so I've met a muggle born, the Harry Potter and a half giant is there anything else I need to add to the lest?

"Hey Draco all I have left is just my wand, what about you?" Harry asks.

"Oh um, I only have my wand left as well. Hey uncle Sev why don't you and Hagrid talk about weird adult stuff and Harry and I will go and get our wands?" I say turning to look at Hagrid and uncle Sev.

"That ill be fine." Answers Hagrid, uncle Sev only nods his head, he doesn't seem to like Harry very much. With that Harry and I run off towards Mr Ollivanders wand shop.

"You go in first," I suggest.

"No you go in first," Harry says.

"Fine, chicken," I say opening the door with Harry right behind me.

"Hello is anyone in here?" I call out unsure. After awhile Harry decides to speak up.


"Good afternoon," says a soft voice. I jump in shock along with Harry who trips over a spindly chair creating a big thud. I snicker in amusement looking up at the front stands an old man with wide, pale eyes shinning like moons in the dust filled shop.

"Hello." Harry and I say awkwardly.

"Ah yes," said the man. "Yes, yes I thought I would be seeing you two here very soon, though not together," says Mr Ollivander.

"Ah Harry Potter it seems like only yesterday your mother and father were in here buying their very own wands. Your mothers was a Ten and..." Mr Ollivander goes on about Harry's parents so I decide to go wonder off.

'Draco' Whispers a soft voice.


There it was again, after awhile of listening to the enchanting voice I decide to follow it. I turn down narrow lanes and sharp corners making it seem like hours until I finally find where the soft melodic voice is coming from.


I bend down slowly to pick up a wooden box with a painting of a willow in the middle, its leaves magically sway to the rhythm of soft singing. What lays inside makes me gasp in wonder. A beautiful wand lay inside with an intricate carving of fire giving off the impression that it is being engulfed in flames.

"Curious, very curious indeed." A soft voice says. Not hearing this voice I carefully pick up the stone carved wand and as soon as my skin come into contact with the smooth rock, a warm feeling rushes through me making me feel lighter and more secure, unconsciously I give the wand a slight flick and swish creating light to emerge from the tip along with a soft breeze provoking dust to dance in the air. The soft sneeze snaps me from my trance causing me to tear my gaze from the wand.

"Well it looks like young Malfoy has found a wand suited to him. Very curious indeed." Says the wrinkly old wizard. Harry slowly walks over to me and whispers.

"Does he do this to everyone who comes in here or is it just us?" I shrug my shoulders in confusion.

"What is so curious Mr Ollivander?" I ask politely.

"Well Mr Malfoy it so happens that this particular wand is not one of my own, it is in fact a wand I have never seen before but have been fortunate enough to have heard the tails behind it." I look at the old man even more confused.

"What tails behind it?" I ask confused and curious all at once. We watch as Mr Ollivanders walks towards a shelf with many old books well telling us a little bit about the wand.

"This wand does not belong to anyone at all, no one knows who the creator is or who the last owner was, it has no mythical creature core and is the only known wand to be made of stone. All that is known of it is it is purely made of magic that its story was told before magic was understood. Ah ha here it is" Mr Ollivander pulls out an old stained book and starts to read...

Long ago there lived three brothers of royal blood, the first brother was a power hungry man who would do anything to control the people bellow him, even murder his own flesh and blood. The second was a manipulative man who would trick women into his bed, and he would do with them what he pleased, the third brother was a kind and humble man and would do anything to protect those of great innocence...

One day the third brother wondered the street of his village and was in the main square when the people around him screamed witch. He quickly shoved his way to the front of the crowd to be met with the eyes of a goddess. He did not hear the people chanting 'burn her, burn her' but saw the panic in her eyes yet the will to fight on. It was only when he saw the fire being lit did he do something.

"Stop!" He had screamed everyone turned towards the voice and had gone so silent that you could've heard a pin drop.

"I do not see how this young women could possible be a witch?" He had yelled to the villagers.

"Oh but she is she was caught casting a spell upon a young child," said a spindly old man.

"And what of this child. Is he or she at great harm?" He said questioning the old man.

"No but we are certain that she is a witch for the child was greatly ill and has only just now fully recovered from the illness." Answered a young man with light brown hair and green eyes.

"Then I see no harm done she has simple cured the sick it should be rewarded not spit upon." He said looking up towards the beautiful lady.

"If you will my lady join me on a walk to the castle and stay for supper?"

It was unknown at the time that this lady has done far more than cure the sick.

"What is your name my fare lady?" He had asked on their walk through a meadow blooming with dandelions.

"Why must you know my name dear knight?" The beautiful women had questioned.

"It is only polite of me to ask but if you do not wish for me to know how about a nickname name?" He asked of her.

"You can call me Maya, and you what should I call my knight?" She said looking at him fully now. He had lushes platinum blonde hair light pink lips a strong jaw and a buff build he did not stink like the other men who tried to get her alone he did not try to harm her in any way but the most evident thing that stuck to the lady was she could feel the great forgiveness that radiates from this man. He's will to fight for what is right and defend those of innocence.

"You can call me anything you wish." Shocked Maya did not speak for awhile.

"Are you not a prince?" Maya asked.

"Well yes I am but I do not see fit that I should have to tell everyone that. I do not want to rule my kingdom with fear or trickery I would like to rule it with fairness and forgiveness there for I do not see the need for people to know what or who I am. But if it is my name you wish that is all you need ask."

"But the villagers, they know who you are yet treat you like an equal does that not anger you." Maya asked.

"No it does not. It shows me that they except me and do not hate me." He had said.

"And what of your name. What do wish me to call you?" Maya asked. It was a long time before the young prince answered.

"You can call me Draco for it is my favourite constellation." He said.

"Well Draco tell me do you believe in magic?" Maya says picking a dandelion up and blowing on it closing her eyes wishing for something unknown to the prince.

"What did you wish for?" Draco had asked.

"Well if I told you it wouldn't come true now would it?" She said mystically.

"Now tell me do you believe in magic?" Maya asked again.

"Yes I believe in magic." Draco had answered.

"Then come with me." Maya said grabbing Draco's arm pulling him towards the forest...

Mr Ollivander slowly closes the book and hands it to me.

"It's a very long book you should read it in your own time." He says with a slight gleam to his eyes. Harry and I stand there gobsmacked.

"Mr Ollivander, what does this story have to do with my wand?" I ask confused.

"Well my dear boy, every great wand needs its fairy tail."He says.

"Does the wand have a name?" I ask after a pregnant pause.

"Well as for a name that I can not remember. Maybe if you read the story it might tell you or you could name it yourself." Mr Ollivander says mysteriously.



Come two familiar voices snapping us back to reality..

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