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Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Hermione Granger's POV

As we arrive at the train station I'm bouncing up and down unable to control my excitement. Then I spot our guide to the entrance to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. As we follow him I become confused. We now stand in front of a large brick support beam.

"We're going to run through it. See watch me then you run after. Ok" Our guide says looking at me. I only shack my head and in fascination watch as he runs towards the brick beam, I'm about to scream when he comes face to face with the beam anticipating the groan of pain but instead disappears.

"WOW." I say. Quickly after I follow and it's so exhilarating I'm wanting to do it again. But the sight before changes my mind...

***Four minutes later***

"Be careful Hermione make heaps of friends." Mother says with tears in her eyes.

"I will mother, bye mum, bye dad. Don't mess me to much." I say to my parents giving them both a kiss on the check.

"Don't forget to owl us every day." Dad calls out as I step on the already crowded train.

"Ok" I yell back.

Now on the train I take a deep breathe. 'I am Hermione Jean Granger and I will get through this, I can do this' I chant in my head. I quickly look at my surroundings and can see children my age and older fighting over compartments wanting to set next to their friends.

"Hey is that you Hermione?" I slowly turn around to see a boy with pale blond hair and baby blue eyes. Who is he? He must of seen the confusion on my face because he goes straight into introducing himself.

"Remember Diagon Alley in the book shop, I'm the boy who helped you out. Draco Malfoy." He says slowly.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to come and set with me and some of my friends?" Shocked at his request I just stand there not able to move. 'Well this is embarrassing' I think to myself.

"Come on I don't bite." He says. I deftly nod my head.

"Great, come on," He says grabbing my arm and pulling me towards a compartment with two other boys. Draco opens the door to the compartment and introduces me to them.

"Hey guys this is Hermione Granger, I met her at the book shop. And thought she could set with us." He says. The other boys nod their heads indicating that it was ok for me to join them.

"Ok so this is Blaise Zabini." He points to the boy with jet black hair and emerald green eyes, he only nods his head in acknowledgement.

"Then there's Theodore Nott we just call him Theo." Draco says pointing to a boy with spiked light brown hair with his nose buried deep in a book.

"So figured out what house you want to be in yet?" Draco asks me.

"Yeah I thought that I would be good in either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor you?" Hermione asks in return.

"I'm sti..." Draco is cut off by a plump boy who seems to be out of breath.

"Has anyone seen a toad around here?" The boy asks.

"No sorry we haven't but we could help you look for him if you want?" I say looking towards Draco.

"Yeah sure why not." Draco answers my unspoken question.

Draco Malfoy's POV

I only wanted to talk to the girl not look for a bloody toad. I think to myself walking down a line of compartments asking if anyone has seen a toad named Trevor. Only when I come to a compartment where I hear a familiar voice I decide to stop and eavesdrop.

"Are you sure that's a real spell?" I hear Hermione ask someone.

"Not really sure my brothers gave it to me." Ok I definitely know who that is, it's one of the dear Weasley boys.

"Well if it is it's not a very good one. I've tried a few simple spells just for practice and learnt the set books off by heart..." This fact makes me chuckle in amusement, it seems that I'm not the only one who knows them of by heart, though obviously she did it willingly. These thoughts cause me to mess the rest of the conversation it's only when she leave does he hear what Weasel has to say.

"I hope I'm not in her house I'd kill myself." Now that I could not have, how dare he make fun of Hermione she did nothing wrong just because she likes to plan ahead doesn't mean she's going to kill you of boredom. I don't understand where this sudden protectiveness is coming from I mean I only met her a week ago. But its like when father is beating mother for the most childish things and I just wants to scream. With that final thought I enter the compartment.

"Well if it isn't Ronald Weasley." I say turning my gaze towards the other boy in the compartment.

"And Harry what a pleasant surprise." I say setting down on the chair opposite them.

"Hey Draco what's up?" Harry asks.

"What do you want Malfoy." Ron sneer's

"Well it so happens that I heard what you had to say about Hermione, what was it again? You'd kill yourself if you were in her house?" I say.

"Why would you care she's just a mudblood." Silence fills the compartment and a dark cold feeling takes over my body. I look murderously towards Ronald Weasley.

"Don't you ever say that word again." I say in a dark whisper.

"What you going to run off to your daddy and tell him what I said?" Ron says. Eliciting a cold laugh from my lips.

"Don't talk about things you don't understand Weasel." I say in a calm sought of anger.

"Hey guys I think we should all just calm down." Harry says trying to defuse an explosive bomb.

"Your right Harry, you'll soon come to learn that not even the innocent are faultless." I say turning my attention on him.

"What do you mean by that Draco and I honestly don't see what is so vile about that word?" Harry asks confused, at that an inhumane memory resurfaces.


It was a few days before I had received my acceptance letter to Hogwarts when Lucius Malfoy had told me to come down to the cellar which was practically a dungeon.

"Today Draco I will show you something that you will come to love." Father had said like a giddy child being taken into a candy shop.

But what I was shown was something that I would never forget or forgive myself for. In the dark damp cellar lay a fourteen year old muggle-born covered in blood and sweat, the mere sight of her was enough to make me want to vomit and run just run and never come back to get as far away from this room as possible. Not because of her blood but because of what he had done to her.

"People who are beneath us Draco deserve to be punished, when they have not learnt their place in this world." Father had said. 'What the hell could a fourteen year old wizard girl do?' I had thought.

"I'm going to show you what a mudblood is good for Draco..."

***End of Flashback***

"Hey Draco... Draco!" Calls out a far away voice.

"Yeah what?" I say blinking my eyes rapidly.

"You zoned out for a while you were going to tell me why that word was so vile?" Harry says. I look into Harry's green eyes revealing emotions I had locked inside for weeks. It was all my fault I could have done something. I could have stopped it. But I did do something I did something that was unforgivable yet the kindest thing to do.

"Th-that word is like calling your sister a slut to her face and then feeling pleasure at the sight of her tears or like calling your mother a bitch and enjoying the look of betrayal and heartache." I say shakily watching as Harry's eye widen in shock and disgust.

"If you excuse me I need to go somewhere."With that I run towards the teachers compartments.

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