Only the marked know

Unforgivable things have happened

When we have lost everything, including hope; Life become a disgrace and death a duty.

Draco Malfoy's POV


As I walk down the damp concrete stairs towards the dark sorrowful basement I hear screaming, crying and please of agony. I knew I should've turned immediately at these sounds but I didn't I kept walking, kept looking I had no reason to be down here. I was told never to come down here but I chose not to listen, I chose to and I will forever regret it, for the sight that lay before me was a sight that will forever scar me. Father is on top of the screaming girl. She no longer has clothes on and he no longer has his on, she screams and screams until there's nothing left to scream for, she's lost all hope of surviving, all hope of freedom, she's lost the will to fight and goes limp on the ground, turning her head in my direction, she sees me and I watch, as she whispers.


But I couldn't. What was I supposed to do, walk in there and demand he stop, he would only turn on me but would that be better than to watch her in pain, it seems it would but what would he do to me? Without thinking I walk out of my hiding spot and do the unthinkable.

"What are you doing father?" There's a long pregnant pause before anything happened and when it did occur it was swiftly. I was enraptured in great pain I wanted to scream but I stood there taking it, all of it, not releasing a single tear nor a single scream. I stand there jaw tensed, hands in fist's, eyes closed. I will not scream, I will not cry,I will not and can not.

"Did I not tell you never to come down here boy?"He says knowing that I can not answer him in this state. I open my eyes to look behind him only to see the girl is no longer on the ground but is standing up with a large rock in both hands raised above her head and I can see with the last of her strength she smashes it across my fathers head knocking him out and in the process his wand for it roll towards me. I quickly go to grab it, after being released from the curse. When I'm standing again, I see father on the ground and the girl on her knees crying with her straight brown hair cascading around her head like curtains, hiding the damage my father has caused.

"Please kill me..." She whispers in a raspy voice. I look at her in shock why would she wan't me to do that?

"Why?" I ask.

"Look at me... I have nothing to fight for, nothing to hope for, I'm broken, there's nothing left of me, no one remembers me and no one loves me..." She says while I just stand there looking at her broken persona, her lost hope and her final battles lost to the enemy.

"How?" I whisper looking at my fathers wand.

"You point the wand at me..." She says waiting for me to left the wand.

"You look at me..." She says as I look up at her.

"And you say the words Avada Kedavra..."She whispers the last part. I look at her with sadness and repeat her words.

"Avada Kedavra..."

I make my way down to the teachers compartment trying to keep all images at bay, trying to forget what I did. So deep in thought I don't see the professor walking towards me and I collide with a hard chest.

"Draco what are you doing?" Asks a familiar voice. I slowly look up to be met with a green eyed man.

"Uncle Sev..." I whisper with tears coming down my face.

"Draco what happened?"

"Have you ever killed anyone before?"I say looking at the ground.

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