Only the marked know

I'm scared

Draco Malfoy's POV

"Have you ever killed anyone?" I ask again with tears slipping down each cheek.

"Have you ever witnessed as the life of someone drains from their very existence?" I add slowly...

"Why?" Uncle Sev questions panicked.

"I didn't wan't to. I didn't want t-t-t..." I then brake down not able to hold the guilt and pain back anymore. I killed a leaving human being. I KILLED SOMEONE!

"Draco look at me," uncle Sev speaks up from his moment of shock, I don't listen so instead he gently grabs my chin to tilt my head up. "You didn't do it on purpose, you didn't want to do it." He says looking me in the eye but all I do is shake my head.

"No," I whisper.

"I killed her because she wanted me to, I killed her because I couldn't stand the idea of him doing it, I couldn't bare witness to what harm and pain he was causing her anymore." I stop to take a deep breath, well silently closing my eyes to release the unshed tears only to slowly open them again to be met with emerald green eyes. "I killed her out of mercy but I still did it and that's what matters and I'm scared so scared that I might be like my father and soon come to enjoy the pain of an innocent, want to do what he does for the fun of it, to watch another cry for my wrong doings. I'm scared that I might come to like the image of watching another die." My knees buckle under and I fall to the ground on all fours only to cry again.

"I did it,I killed her and do you know what he did when he had finished punishing me?" I say waiting for an answer.

"No... What did he say?" Uncle Sev asks.

"He apologized, he fucking apologized, he said, 'you killed her, I shouldn't have punished you, I should have rewarded you. You wiped a filthy little mudblood from the wizardry world, the first time I killed a mudblood, I was eighteen...' " I can't go on. Too much to handle, too much to take, I'm only eleven how am I supposed to take it, I've kept it in for a month and a half, not allowing anyone to see my pain, not allowing anyone see me broken and alone...

Severus Snape's POV

I just stand there watching as my god sun brakes down, letting everything fall, everything brake, I watch as Draco slowly dies on the inside. I know that it's only the beginning. I know that Lucius will make Draco do far worse, I know he's going to brake his own son until there's nothing left but an empty shell. I know Lucius will cut him off from all his friends, Blaise Zabini, Theodore Nott, Harry Potter, I know he's going to cut Draco off from the world. I pull out two viles from my pocket that will alter the memory of ones past making them either hate or love the person who has given it to them and hand them to a boy that has no idea what his future holds, no idea what has happened to him, no idea what will happen to him and no idea that he will kill more than anyone knows because of the things the dark lord has done.

"Give this to them while at the feast or on the train." I watch as Draco's face contorts in to confusion.

"What is it?" He asks. I look deep into my god sons baby blue eyes and let one tear slip for him because for Merlin's beard this boy will suffer far more than he deserves.

Draco Malfoy's POV

I can't believe what I'm hearing. Do I really want to lose my two best friends to forgotten or altered memories? Do I really want to lose my new found friendship with Harry and Hermione? Do I really have a chose in the matter?

"But remember Draco it's your chose wither you use the potion or not. I know not of the consequence of which you choose but I do know this, if you choose to use the potion you will be protecting them from your father, but you'd also be protecting them... From you." Not knowing that his final words have ceased my inner battles of deciding I shake my head and take both vial's.

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