The Ultimate series book 1: The Ultimate Padawan

Chapter 2: Discovey

Michael awoke to what looked like endless clouds. A voice spoke "Hello child and welcome to the Ultimate force zone." Michael replied with "The what?" The voice said "The only thing stronger than the force. And I have just saved your life from that boy, I sense the dark side in him." "Yeah. So who or what are you? Do you have a name?" The voice replied with "Yes my boy my name is Caleb... and I am your grandfather."

*Meanwhile in the Jedi Academy*

The hooded figure watched before her eyes as her son disappeared. This meant that his powers were already developing. The people around her gave a collective gasp, she watched his master Naomi. She was huddled up with Yoda and other Jedi, though she couldn't hear them she could guess they knew. Her family is the bloodline of the Ultimate, it skips a generation so she isn't an Ultimate Jedi. But her father is he was probably talking to Michael now.

*Back in the Ultimate Force*

"What?!!? You can't be my grandfather that's impossible! I was dropped off at the Jedi Temple when I was a baby, and even if you were how did you get here with me?!!?" Caleb responds with "Just because you were sent here doesn't mean you don't have family." Michael thought this was a good answer and nodded. "So how do I use the ultimate force?" He asked. "Gather those clouds over there." Michael grabbed the clouds "Now mash them into a small sphere" Michael did and suddenly he was twisted into the ball and teleported back to the Jedi Academy. Michael suddenly felt different stronger some how, like he could build a mountain. He grabbed his lightsaber and activated it, and force pushed Slagnar into a wall. Slagnar got up and sneered "Is that the best you got?" Michael smiled in reply and slashed Slagnar in the arm. Slagnar growled and tried to stab at Michael, but he teleported behind Slagnar and created a Forcenado. Slagnar was violently spun around until he hit the roof and fell back down onto the mats. The droid pointed at Michael and said "You are the winner!" The crowd went wild, and He smiled. He looked into the crowd and saw a lady in a dark hood quickly run away, for some reason she seemed familiar.

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