Professor Kim (K.TH)


"Well if it isnt the infamous Miss Y/L/N"

Romance / Erotica
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I literally stayed up all night watching K-dramas even though I knew my first day of uni was tomorrow. I was so engulfed in the show I didn’t realize it was 7:30 am.

Oh fuck... I’m running late.

I quickly dressed up, tied my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my bag then headed out to the coffee shop next door so I could stay awake in class. After getting my coffee, I hurriedly made my way through the busy crowd as my phone started buzzing violently in my jean pocket. I struggled to pick up the call with my coffee still in one hand.


I was cut short when I felt a shoulder bump against mine spilling my coffee all over my black shirt. Before I could say anything, I heard a husky voice mumble, “Next time, watch where you’re going.”

I turned around in shock but all I could see was the man’s back and broad wide shoulders.

“You fucking son of a bitch,” I yelled “Rude motherfucker.”

He didn’t even bother turning back. Great! Now I’m definitely going to be late.

I still heard Jimin’s voice on the phone as I quickly hanged up the call and hurried back into the coffee shop. I rushed to the bathroom at the brink of tears. I was very sensitive. Some even say I was a crybaby. It was lucky I was wearing a black shirt. The stain was still there but it wasn’t as visible. I quickly dried my shirt with an unbelievable amount of paper towel as I ran to the university as fast as my short legs could carry me.

I entered the large building and luckily my first class was on the first floor.

Hmmm... Maybe I could sneak in.

I slowly opened the classroom door and luckily everyone was caught up in the lesson. I closed the door carefully making sure it didn’t make a sound. I was very close to the nearest empty seat and suddenly my phone started buzzing loudly.

Damn you Jimin.

I froze in spot as everyone averted their attention to me.

“Ah Miss Y/L/N, we’ve been expecting you.”

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