Madness is My Friend


“Brother, it seems he is well settled in.”

“Yes, brother, he is finally with the ones he loved most. It is sort of a shame he doesn’t quite realize it.”

“Why wouldn’t you just let me take him here from the beginning? Then he would know.”

“You know very well why, those who come here of their own accord are far happier than those who you just drag off.”

“He did ask for me.”

“Yes, and those who ask for you very often ask to return when they come before their time. At least now he is happily oblivious. Plus it is less fun if you just take them.”

“Now we are getting to the real reason.”

“I suppose,” Madness chuckled, “but you have to agree, it’s better when they want to come not just out of agony.”

“You have a point, but they don’t know where they are.”

“Ignorance is bliss, big brother Death.”

“You have a point, Madness. You have a point.”

Local Hatter Found Dead in Home

Local Hatter, Simon Young was found dead in his home on Saturday, March 8, 1862. Mr. Young’s home had a fortnight beforehand burned down, killing his wife and child, Anna and Dory Young. The cause of death is unknown but speculated to be grief. There are no further details released at the moment.

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