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I'm Not Crazy

By PepperminPatti

Scifi / Other

Chapter 1

Obi-Wan Kenobi rushed to the prison in the center of Corosount. Anakin's 14 year-old padawan, Rassa, had been forcefully and unethically arrested, and was being held in a high security cell. Rassa had been in Anakin's home with Padmé when she was arrested by Mace-Windu for reasons that he would not reveal. Padmé immediately tried to reach Anakin, but couldn't get through, so she had called Obi-Wan, hoping he could free her and find out how such an awful mistake could have been made. Obi-Wan ran into the prison, finding guards. The guards were all tall and muscular, wearing black armour with unnerving masks to hide their faces. He went to the front desk.

"A Padawan youngling the name of Rassa is being held here for charges that have not been revealed. I would appreciate it if you or someone else could direct me to her cell, so I may speak to her." Obi-Wan asked the secretary.

"Of course Master Kenobi, I shall have one of the guards escort you at once." The secretary replied, calling over a guard. Obi-Wan followed the guard deep into the the dark stone prison, the inmates becoming more vile the closer they got to her cell. Obi-Wan was determined to get to the bottom of Rassa's arrest, and why so many protocols were ignored.

After they had walked a very far way, the guard stopped at cell 83828, and unlocked the Iron bar gate that led into the cell. Nothing could have prepared Obi-Wan for what he would find in the cell.

Rassa was lying on the floor, shivering and nearly unconscious. Cuts and bruises cover her small body, and her blond hair was a mess. There was simi-dried blood on the floor, and blood still trickled from her jaw. She was dead silent, A complete contrast to her usual bubbly personality.

Obi-Wan couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was a law that prisoners were not to be hurt before trial, and Rassa could have only been in the prison for two hours at the most. He quickly kneeled so he could see if she had a pulse. Once Obi-Wan had found her pulse, he took bandages from a backpack he was wearing, and tied it around Rassa's jaw. He also put a blanket around the innocent girl. Then he got up and turned to the guards, his face filling with rage.

"How did this happen?"Obi-Wan commanded. "This is a direct violation of the basic right of a prisoner! No prisoner, especially a youngling, should be punished  for crimes before a trial. Not to mention that when the prisoner asks to see the charges, the charges must be presented!"

"She is a youngling, she cannot see the charges without her Guardian's permission." The guard replied in a harsh, unconcerned way. "Without permission on from her master, she can't be freed."

"Even so, there is no excuse for her condition. She needs medical attention immediately." Obi-Wan persisted

"We can't call medics without her guardian's permission. " the Guard repeated, not caring if Rassa lived or died.

"Master Skywalker is unable to be contacted at this time, and that's not a law!" Obi-Wan retorted, unable to believe his ears.

 “If you are displeased with how I have done my assigned job, I suggest you leave." The guard told Obi-Wan.

"I will just make a few calls, then I shall be right back." Obi-Wan told Rassa, not knowing if she could hear him or not. The guard opened the door for Obi-wan. "I won't be leaving earshot." He told the guard, in case his visit prompted the guard to hurt Rassa even worse.

Rassa had been an interesting case ever since she had arrived at the temple when she was six months old. Six months was the standard age for a young jedi-to be to arrive at the temple, but Rassa was different. She had been diagnosed with SAAD, Social and Attention Disorder, with has symptoms similar to ADHD and Autism. Rassa's case was not severe enough to cause her to stay on her home planet of Naboo and never come to the temple, but she was bullied by her fellow younglings. A month ago, she was assigned to Anakin Skywalker, but he kept avoiding her at his home with Padmé whenever he met with Chancellor Palpatine, like what happened when she was arrested. Obi-Wan was extremely aggravated with Anakin, he was supposed to take Rassa wherever he went, accept if he deemed the situation too dangerous.

Once he had walked out of eyesight of the guard, (but not out of earshot of the cell) he took out his holoprojector and tried to reach Anakin. The call went straight to messages. Just to make sure that the reception in the prison was causing the failure, he called Padmé.

"Hello? Obi-Wan?" Padmé responded.

"Hello Padmé." Obi-wan replied.

"Obi-Wan, what happened to Rassa, is she alright? What was she arrested for?" Padmé asked, her voice shaking. "I’ve been trying to contact Anakin but I just get put through to messages."

"They would not reveal the charges to me because they said they needed Anakin's permission." Obi-Wan told Padmé

"That's not a law!" Padmé shouted.

"I know, but that's not the worst part." Obi-Wan took a deep breath in. This was not going to be easy to say. "Rassa has been severely beaten but I believe her guard. I'm only around the corner, to make sure that she isn't hurt further."

Padmé gasped."What?! That's not in anyway legal! Something's definitely wrong. How bad is she?"

"Her Jaw is broken, I don't know how badly, but when I saw her she was silent, I’m rather sure she can't speak. She's covered in small cuts and bruises, a few bleeding when I arrived, but they were all bleeding at some point. Her jaw is bleeding, I was able to bandage it, but the guard again said that Anakin's permission was required for medical attention." Obi-Wan described.

"We need to fix this. She needs to be out of there now. There was absolutely no way she could have committed a crime of the scale that they are punishing her for. The only other cases we've heard like her's was for very serious and severe crime, like treason, and there's is absolutely no way she would have done that, everyday of her life has been monitored!" Padmé cired.

"Padmé, keep trying to get a hold of anakin. If you can get me on the call. I shall try some of the other jedi." Obi-wan commanded. Padmé nodded her head, then hung up.

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