Separate Ways


"Good morning," Jasper said, poking his head into the tent where Jessie had been sleeping. His hair looked like a tangled, brown mop, still sticking up at the back where he had been lying on it.

"Morning," she said, smiling.

"Ready to beat our record?" he said.

"Yes!" Jessie said enthusiastically. "So we need to catch six Pokémon between us before sunset?"

"Exactly," Jasper grinned.

"I'll catch more than you though," Jessie said. "I always do." Jasper just laughed and backed out of the tent.

"And fix your hair, please!" she called after him.

Stretching, Jessie dressed and climbed out of the tent in to the forest clearing. Within five minutes, everything was packed for the day ahead.

"Ready to go?" Jessie asked, quickly running her hands through her magenta hair in an effort to smooth it down.

"Not quite," Jasper said. "There was actually something I wanted to ask you."


Jasper stood in front of Jessie and took her hands in his. He looked deep in to her eyes, his brown eyes intent upon her blue ones.

"Well, we've been a couple for a few months now, and I have this big family wedding to go to in Sinnoh. I was thinking you and I should go together, you know, as a couple. And you could meet my family, I know they'd love you," he said, with a little nervous laugh.

Jessie was rather taken aback. "Uh... sure," she stammered. "That sounds really nice..."

"Great!" Jasper said, giving her a quick kiss. "Come on then, or we'll never beat our record!" Before Jessie had a chance to say anything else, he was racing away in to the trees. Smiling a little at his excitement, she followed him.

A week later, they arrived in Sinnoh. It was a few days until the wedding so they took the opportunity to look for some more Pokémon.

Now she was in Sinnoh, Jessie's mind kept wandering to James, wondering what he was doing, where he was, if he was enjoying himself. She missed him. But she was snapped quickly out of her daydreaming by a sharp pain in her ankle.

"Ouch!" she exclaimed, looking down at her leg. There was a little trickle of blood coming from a cut on the side of her ankle. Whatever had scratched her had torn right through her leather boot. The cut stung, but it didn't look very serious.

Jessie decided just to ignore it. It would stop bleeding in a minute.

Then Jasper appeared beside her. "Are you okay?" he asked, concern flashing in his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just got a little scratch, that's all. Can we keep going, please?" she said sharply. She hated people fussing over her.

"Sure, let's go." Jasper said, although he still looked a little worried. "I thought I saw a pretty big Pokémon up ahead, it might be something good."

Jessie followed him, but very soon she felt dizzy. She stopped walking and leaned a little on a tree beside her. She tried to steady herself but darkness was beginning to gather at the corners of her eyes.

"Jessie?" Jasper said, reappearing by her side. "You okay?"

"Don't... feel... I don't feel very good..." she said. Suddenly her knees gave way and she slid half way down the tree trunk before Jasper caught her in his muscular arms and laid her on the ground.

"Don't worry, Jess, I've got you."

"No... leave me alone, I'm..." she started, hopelessly trying to pretend she was fine. But before she could finish, a spasm of pain seized her body. She screamed out loud as every muscle in her body tensed in agony.

She expected the pain to stop, but it didn't. She could see nothing but whiteness, her body contorted in agony. She couldn't do anything except lie on the forest floor and scream.

"Jess! Oh God, Jess! Don't worry, I'll get you help."

Then there was silence around her. Jessie could hear nothing but the echoes of her own screams, then even they died away as she slipped in to unconsciousness.

Drifting in and out of consciousness, Jessie only caught glimpses of what was going on around her. She heard urgent voices and the sound of doors opening. Then she felt a soft bed beneath her, and then more voices. She no longer had the energy to scream out, but her body was still seized with a burning, agonising pain that wasn't stopping.

She couldn't hear properly, as though someone was turning the volume of the voices up and down repeatedly, but she caught a few words from around her.

"Help her... what do you... please..." she recognised that voice as Jasper's but then she heard another voice as well.

"Nothing I can do... poisoned... a Pokémon maybe? Need to wait... need the right antidote..."

Jessie could hardly think straight through the pain but mustered the strength to utter a few words.

"Want... James. Get James!" she felt someone take her hand.

"It's alright Jess, I'm here." It was Jasper.

"No!" she screamed, half in anger, half in excruciating pain. "I want James!"

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