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The Light

Haewon's POV:

"Nariii, can I please have some of your sandwich? I'm starving and I forgot to pack a lunch." You begged as the sound of hunger escaped from your stomach. Nari sighed, finally giving you a piece of her sandwich. "Thanks Nari!" You gave her a quick hug and went back to playing games on your phone.

Five minutes before lunch was over, you and your friends left the cafeteria to get your stuff for your next classes before it would be too crowded in the hallways that it would be hard to move. You quickly realized that only you and Nari left, so you turned your head back and called for the rest of my friends, right when the side of your head hit something hard. You looked up, finding an annoying bastard's head looking down on you. Jeon Jungkook. Soon realizing that your head was on his chest, you step away giving him a cold glare.

"Watch where you're going dumbass." Jungkook said, irritated, walking away in his timberland boots as he annoyingly ran his hands through his brunette-colored hair.

Your friends grabbed your arm and pulled you forward before you could say anything back, which would've probably put you in the principal's office.

Your relationship with Jungkook has always been rough. The first day of freshman year was the start of all of the feuds, and you still immaturely give each other cold stares now in senior year. You never got along because of his huge ego and impatient personality. Though, you do admit that you are impatient too, maybe your fiery personalities were part of the reason why you never got along.

As you waved goodbye to your friends, you head to English class. As soon as you entered the classroom, the most annoying words came out of your teacher's mouth.

"Surprise test today!"

You made your way to your desk and sat down while groaning. You always hated surprise tests because you never knew what they would be, whether it was multiple choice, an essay, or something else. Moreover, you never liked anything school related. Despite your hate for school and lack of motivation to do schoolwork, you get decent grades.

As the teacher handed a packet out to you, you quickly become disappointed when you see that it was an essay. You sigh, and begin looking through the article that you're supposed to read to complete the essay.

After half an hour, you see a spot of purple light on your paper. Disregarding the test, you get out of your seat and look outside the window, seeing a tiny speck of purple light in the sky.

"Ms. Kim Haewon, go back to your desk and stay focused, please." said your teacher.

You made your way back to your desk and continued the test, eyeing the purple light every few minutes. It looked like it was getting bigger and bigger. Were you hallucinating? Why wasn't anyone else noticing it? You concluded that it was just your mind playing tricks on you, so you turned your full attention back on the essay.

After another half hour, you finished your test and handed it to the teacher, not having a clue of what you just wrote. Right before you handed it in, your teacher's glasses were hit with a bright purple light, making him wince. The light soon filled the whole classroom, heating it up and burning the skin on your entire body. The pain was like nothing you've ever experienced before, it felt as if every cell in your body was being stabbed with needles. The light soon became so blinding and intense that everything went pitch black.


That was the first chapter ahhh sorry this is kinda cliché since haewon and jungkook start out as enemies but whatever lmao

I hope it wasn't too boring! Lemme know what you guys think.

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