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*WARNING: Blood, Angst

Haewon's POV:

It was still pitch black, but you could slowly begin to feel again. You struggled to open your eyes as your eyelids failed you. You were laying on your front, you could feel burns all over your wrecked body. I

You tried moving your body, but nothing budged. You quickly lose sense of touch again.

The next time you gained consciousness, you could only open your eyes only enough so that a little bit of light could seep in. You tried wiggling your frail fingers, the slight movement almost draining the little energy you had left. Your incapacitated body stood still laying there for god knows how long. Every passing minute you gained more of your sense of touch, meaning that you felt more and more pain. You could feel the contaminated air burning your eyes. Your body attempted to wince, only bringing more pain and your body being drained of more energy. After you think a few hours had passed, you were able to roll onto your back, groaning from the pain.

You could now open your eyes halfway, so you attempt to lift your head off the ground to look at your surroundings. Your blurry vision somewhat cleared so that you could see the destroyed area that reeked of blood.

It looked like half of the roof fell, exposing the bright sky above. Exhausted, you drop your head, letting it roll to the side as you try to catch your breath. You notice a dark liquid next to you, and your eyes follow the trail of liquid back to it's source, you see the liquid coming from what looks like a body. That's when it hit you, it was blood, and all around that body, there were other bodies all laying on the ground with wounds overflowing with blood. You felt like you were going to vomit. You didn't know why you were in such a disturbing place, because you had no trace of your memories before you lost consciousness. You fail to catch your breath, so you once again blackout.

You woke up once again, but this time in a place with much fresher air that didn't make your eyes sting. You were still in pain, but it had settled a bit. Surprisingly, you could move your limbs slightly. While struggling, you slowly fixed yourself into a semi-comfortable position. As your vision became clearer, you saw red patches all over your legs and arms, and felt pain all over. Above dangled over you, is what looked like tree branches. You move your gaze downward, moving your fingers along the ground, finding grass. You're outside, but confused on how you got here.

In the corner of your eye, you notice a large figure. You turn your head to the right, realizing that a human appeared by your side. You painfully crawled toward the human, your poor vision not letting you recognize the face, so you plant your palm on their face in hopes of recognizing them from their facial geography.

"G-get your hands o-off m-" A sleepy voice said. That voice, is so familiar, triggering a wave of irritation. That's when you realize that it's Jeon Jungkook. Your memories come flooding back all at once, making your head hurt like hell. The pain felt like it lasted an eternity when in reality it was only for a few seconds. You wrap your arms around your head, scrunching your body into a ball trying to withstand the pain.

After the pain had left, you stay on your knees and elbows with your hands planted on the sides of your head, trying to catch your breath. You look over to Jungkook, who had passed out with his back on the nearby tree. You examine him for a while, then realizing that the tree had zero damage done to it. You were baffled by the contrasting image of the tree to the disturbing images of the dead bodies and completely-destroyed building. The images make you shiver. The images of the dead bodies, the open wounds, the blood, these images make you wonder about what happened to your parents and friends.

You break down in tears, your body shivering from the thought. You use your weak arms to shake Jungkook, trying to wake him up. You had to know what happened to them, having the tiniest bit of hope of them being alive, although unlikely.

You continue to shake Jungkook until you realize that he had been glaring at you for quite a while. He takes your arms with his strong grip, taking them off his shoulders. He yawns and asks in an irritated tone, "What do you want Haewon?"

"What happened to my friends?" You asked while still crying.

"How would I know? They're probably dead, the only one I found alive was you."

Your body became heavy and a lump formed in your throat. You didn't know for sure yet, but realistically thinking, your friends were probably dead. Deep down you knew it, but you kept pushing away the thought.

"What happened to your friends? Do you know about them?" You asked Jungkook.

"Doesn't matter, they're dead."

You stare at him in shock, disgusted by his cold heart. "And you just talk about it like nothing happened? Aren't you even the slightest bit sad?"

He doesn't answer.

Instead of scolding him for being heartless, you turn away, too deeply submerged in your own thoughts. You continue crying until tears aren't able to form anymore, so you lie down, wincing from the pain of your wounds that you don't care enough about to examine. As your eyes dry out, your vision becomes clearer. You look around, noticing bodies lying on the ground at a far distance. Although barely able to move, you want to go to the far distance. Maybe one of those bodies is one of your friends' body. No matter how far away those bodies were, you had to check for your friends.

You only make it a few feet away from Jungkook, who fell asleep, after a long time of struggling. Convincing yourself that you can do it, you push yourself up with trembling arms, barely succeeding, then slipping your right knee under your heavy chest, your left knee following. You stop for a minute to catch your breath, then trying to stand up on both feet. You stood up, and with horrible balance, you make the stupid decision to run so you could get to the bodies faster. It ultimately led you to doom. You trip on the first step, faceplanting on the ground.

Your whole body exploding with pain, you scream as your body trembled and broke out sweats.

When the everlasting pain finally dampened, you look foward, noticing the much lesser distance separating you from the bodies. You figured that you flew pretty far from that one trip of a step.

Learning from your mistake, you crawl the rest of the way there. Luckily for you, your vision became almost completely clear, saving you the trouble of going up to each individual body to examine. You examine the bodies in groups of five.

The stench of the rotting bodies and the disturbing images discourage you, but you force yourself to keep going because you have to look for your friends.

Even after looking through loads of bodies, there are still so many left. You start to lose hope, but then you see the back of a body a little bit far away from where you were now, dressed in blood-drenched clothes that looked similar to what one of your friends was wearing today. You move toward that particular body, not paying attention to the other dead bodies.

Once you make it to the body, you take a deep breath, preparing yourself for what you're going to see once you flip the body over so that its front faces you.

You put your hands on its right arm, turning the body toward you. Once its face was exposed, you put your hands over your mouth and you tremble in pain. Again, you break down, your salty tears falling on the body's face. You wiped tears off your friend's face, getting rid of some of the stained blood which revealed a part of her face, further confirming that the body belonged to your friend. You use two fingers to check the pulse at her neck. Your heart drops when you don't feel anything, breaking out into a louder cry.

"NOO! PLEASE...PLEASE NO..." You cry while holding your dead friend's body in your frail arms. "Please wake up...please..." You beg as you violently shake your dead friend.

You turn your head to the left as you continue to cry, but the bloody body of another friend makes you cry even harder, weighing down your chest with unrelenting hurt.

"NARI...NO NOT YOU TOO...NO..." You sob as you crawl to Nari. Seeing another one of your friends, especially Nari, broke you so much that you didn't know how you would ever recover. Again, you check for her pulse, feeling nothing. You cry your eyes out, letting out painful gasps to take in the ill-scented air as your body trembled on the blood-stained ground.

Becoming incapable of shedding tears, you continue letting out gasps, struggling to breathe with the excruciating pain in your chest.

You eventually feel emptiness in your stomach. Almost emotionless, you stare out into the distance of the empty world, finally letting yourself lose hope, registering the completely certain deaths of all your other friends. Straining under your oxygen-deprived chest, you completely collapse, lying there with your dead friends.


sad :(

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