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||First Love|| JJK


" Let me love you Mina" Jungkook whispered haorsely in my neck "B...But I want to end up this thing between us Jungkook" You said in your trembling voice Instantly his grip around your hairs tightens "You are no one to decide that baby. Since you have entered my life, you are only mine." _________ All rights reserved This is a work of fiction. The characters in this story are imaginary it has nothing to do with reality. This is my first ever fanfiction I wrote so please bare with misspellings wrong grammar and plot holes.. Please This is Rated fanfiction as it will contain mature content so under age are not allowed to read this and also if read it on your own risk Thank you.. Now enjoy reading my first ever fanfiction

Romance / Fantasy
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First Love Meeting

We again came here in this fancy restaurant to have a family dinner with Kim's family. Mr. Kim and his family lives in our neighborhood. He invested his money for my Dad's company when it got bank corrupted when me and my little brother wasn't even born. So since then they have became good friends. We do family dinners together very often.

"Noona can you pass me some drink too." Out of the blue my brother Mark told me to pass him the drink on which I glared at him and stomp my feet on his under the table. Thank God my parents are busy talking with Mr. and Mrs. Kim

"Noona it hurts." Mark whisper yelled on which I again gave him death glare to shut his mouth and pass him a glass of water

"You should treat your little brother nicely love" And here it comes the most annoying deep voice in front of me.

"You better not call me that again Kim Taehyung" I said angrily

"Or else you will punish me?? Ohh I will really enjoy your punishments though" Kim Fucking Taehyung replied doesn't care of my little brother on which I can't reply him anything back.

"Hyung you want to get punished by Noona?? Don't take her easy hyung she can---" My brother said making this situation more embarrassing but before he complete his sentence I cut him off

"Enough Mark. Finish your meal quietly. Or else I won't hesitate to punish you here" I said to mark but looked at Taehyung on last sentence which made him to smirk

And suddenly Taehyung's phone rang and he excused himself. Oh Thank God. I felt relief when he left. I used to have crush on him. I really used to think that I will marry this jerk. He also used to treat me like a princess and once he also confessed to me when we were kids that he will marry me when we grow up.

Me and Taehyung have the 5 years of age difference. So he completed his graduation long ago. Now I am 17 years old and Taehyung is 22 years old. Before I felt attracted towards him because he was really well mannered and a gentleman. But he has become super rude and all cold towards me. As if I care *scoff*

"Mina dear you and Mark can go with Taehyung if you done eating" Dad said and Mark got all excited and I can't deny my Dad on this point so I just nodded

Me and Mark bid our goodbye to our parents and Mr. and Mrs. Kim and left from there. But Taehyung was nowhere to be seen after he left to attend his phone call. So we waited for him outside of the restaurant.

"Noona can you call him. It's so cold here" Mark said as the cold breath was exiting his mouth so I just called him after three four rings he picked up the call

"Oh baby you missed me that much" Taehyung said making my blood boil again

"Really... Taehyung don't be so full of yourself and get your car on the exit gate we are waiting" I replied through the call and hung up before he could say anything. After waiting for almost half an hour we are almost losing hopes that he will fetch us from here but suddenly a loud horn was heard which made me startled. I just gave a death glare towards the car's owner and enters the back seat of the car along with Mark. After sat into the car I see there was someone else also sat besides Taehyung.

"Oh hyung who is he?" Mark asked

"This is my old friend who just came from the states 1 week ago." He said and he was watching me from the mirror

"Hi I am Jeon Jungkook. Nice to meet you both." That Jungkook guy introduced while turning back slightly to see us

"Hi nice to meet you too" I replied plainly and just looked outside of the window

"Here you go we reached your ugly house now please get lost Princess I am taking your little soldier with me" This jerk really knows how to respect a woman. I got out but before getting out I warned my brother that he will be a dead meat when comes back.

As soon as I entered my house I took bottle of water from the refrigerator and went to my room I sat on my bed and drank the whole water. I removed my makeup and changed into my night dress and went into my dream land.

Someone's pov-

I climb into her room from the window which she always turned open. She was in a deep sleep looking so beautiful. I hover over her a little and caress her cheek.

"I will make you mine Mina. I promise"

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