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♥︎Tangled Love♥︎


'In this story, love is a mess.....people are tangled in love and want to untangle it..... Let's untangle the mess together as we will find out the surprises and unexpected things that await us........' I hope you like it........ fingers crossed!!!!

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was about six in the morning when Kayna turned her alarm off. The bright sunshine crept in from the window. She had been awake last night completing her homework, so she was reluctant to wake up.

Her mom came and sat beside her, on the bed. She gently kissed her daughter and asked her to wake up,” Kayna wake up!!! Quickly girl, u don’t want to be late for school.” Kayna got up from her bed and within fifteen minutes was in the dining room waiting for her breakfast. As her mother, brought her breakfast she gobbled the food down in few seconds and was all set for school.





Kayna Malhotra is a sixteen year old teenager. She is in grade twelfth and wants to be an astronaut. (Oh what a coincidence!! Just like meee....)

She hurried down the stairs and walked out of her house. She reached the bus stop and was waiting for her bestie – Rohan.

Kayna and Rohan had known each other since their childhood. They loved spending time with each other and had grown a great fond for each other. Both of them were a single child of their parents but never ever felt the need for a sibling. They loved their company and supported each other at all times.

As usual Rohan was late. As soon as Rohan arrived, Kayna scolded him for being late,” why are u always late. Had you not come in the next five minutes I would have definitely left. Idiot.” Seeing Kayna raging out with anger, Rohan quickly apologized, “I am really sorry Kayu!! Let’s go now, otherwise we would be late for school and we will have to stand outside the classroom.”

They walked up to the school and to their classrooms. They merely sat beside each other and began talking. They loved each other’s company so much that they talked between the classes and the best part was that they never got caught.

When their teacher Ms. Shami arrived, all rose to their feet and greeted her. She greeted them back with a smile on her face and asked them all for their homework.

Kayna was very excited to submit her homework as she had spent the entire night completing it (let me tell you one thing, Kayna was of course not a girl who enjoyed studying. But she adored Ms. Shami, so whenever it comes to her, she completes all her work on time.)

All this time Kayna was excitedly taking out her homework from her bag but as she took her homework out of her bag she noticed Rohan wearing a depressed smile. Out of concern, she asked him,“kya hua?? Why are you so upset??” and Rohan monotonously replied,” I forgot to do my homework.” Had it been any other subject Kayna would have excitedly accompanied Rohan in the punishment outside the classroom, but the thought of Ms. Shami’s subject put her in deep confusion.

“Please Kayna, please bas just this time accompany me outside. I know she is your favorite teacher but please “said Rohan in a great hurry. “Huh??” Kayna was woken up from her thoughts. “What huh?? Kayna, ma’am is approaching us do something”. With a heavy hurt and great regret she placed her homework back in her bag and told her teacher that she and Rohan had forgotten their homework. Irritated by Rohan’s regular behavior of not submitting his homework, their teacher immediately sent them out of the classroom.

Although Kayna and Rohan had always been standing outside of the classroom but this once didn’t feel right to Kayna. First of all, it was her favorite subject and secondly, she was punished by the teacher she adored the most.

All this time, Kayna didn’t notice that Rohan was blabbering continuously and she had not been paying attention to all what he said. “Are you even listening to what I am saying?? I am really grateful that I have a very sacrificing friend like you. Thank you for always being by my side.” “No no, Rohan you do not have to be thankful.” Kayna said. “Yeah ok, but don’t you dare think that I will ever reciprocate this to you” and as Rohan said this Kayna was chasing him all around the campus. Even in punishment they didn’t care unless they were together......................................

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