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Boundless......Love or Hate?


Love. A word which resembles fairy tale for people but for two people it resembles their biggest nightmare. Rudra Roy, a self made businessman, he owns a publishing company in partnership with his childhood best friend, Anu. He is a straightforward and honest man. He hates lies to the core. Maya, she is a force to be reckoned with. She is an internationally acclaimed writer and is here to destroy the ones who destroyed her, i.e., Roys. Her whole existence is a farce. She is an epitome of beauty and lies. What will happen when these two met each other. Maya is here to destroy Roys, but what will happen when she faces her past again? How will Rudra react to his past resurfacing? Will they be able to find their peace or succumb to never ending miseries?

Thriller / Romance
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Character Sketch

1. Maya Jaisingh:

She was an angel. Lovely, soft, caring and bubbly. But one incident changed her life. Now she is ruthless, arrogant, cunning and full of revenge. A fallen angel. Maya Jaisingh is a very famous name among internationally acclaimed authors. But no one knows that she owns a finance company too. She is ready to take down those who destroyed her brutally, i.e., THE ROYS. She is finally back in Mumbai to destroy each and every person related to her vicious past.

2. Rudra Roy:

Elder son of Mrityunjay Roy. He hates his father and his father’s business with a passion. For a time being his father was his idol, but his own father destroyed his world and now he hates even his blood. He is cautious, cunning and shrewd but his morals are high. He never compromise with his self respect. He established his own publication company with his best friend Ananya. That company is his pride, RUAN Publications. Though he was on the brink of being fully destroyed but he denied taking help of his father. And now he signed Maya Jaisingh as a writer. But he has no idea that she is here to change his world. For better or worse? Only time will tell.

3. Mrityunjay Roy:

His name is enough to tell about him. Mrityunjay, means one who can even defeat death. No one can stand in front of him without his permission. He loves his sons to death and can never allow anyone to come between them. He crushed every single person who tried to come in between him and his sons. He is a businessman and believes in winning, by hook or by crook.

4. Rishi Mrityunjay Roy:

Younger son of Mrityunjay Roy. He loves his father like a mad person. For him, no one can come in between him and his father, not even his brother, though he loves his brother too. He is a carefree, proud and bubbly guy by nature. He never likes to lose. His father is his pride and he wants to be like him in every sense.

5. Antara Mrityunjay Roy:

Wife of Mrityunjay Roy. For the world they are power couple, but their reality is too far away from the pretense. She becomes a drug addict because of the tortures she gets from her husband. She is weak and could never stand against MJ, even though she knows that he is wrong. She hates whatever she did in the past just because of her husband.

6. Dr. Diya Mukherjee:

Best Friend of Antara. She lives with Roys. She has always loved Mrityunjay but he never looked at her. So she tried to be around him by living here with her best friend. She is a gynaecologist by profession.

7. Aamir Ali:

He is MJ’s secretary. He respects MJ very much and can do anything for him. He was with MJ since last 20 years and consider him his god. As because of him he is stable now.

8. Ananya Bose:

Best friend of Rudra. She is the daughter of MJ’s best friend. Though she loves Rudra very much but she knows that he doesn’t love her at least not as she wants. He loves her very much as a best friend. She doesn’t want to loose his friendship so she always keep matters light hearted. She idolizes and respects her mentor MJ very much.

9. Nandini Basu:

Mother of Maya. Though her husband and son are dead but she is not ready to accept it. So Maya let her do what she wants. She is the only living relative of Maya and the only person who is keeping Maya sane.

10. Savithri Roy:

Mother of Mrityunjay Roy aka MJ. She loves her son very much but she hates his thinking and his habit of controlling every one. She absolutely adores and loves her elder grandson Rudra, because only he has the ability to stand in front of his father. Rudra had never been scared of anyone so she admires him very much. But she has always been scared about both Rudra and MJ as they both are really stubborn and can go to any extent to prove each other wrong.

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