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By Siobhan

Romance / Fantasy

Rescued from life

You walked through the old rundown mansion, skillfully maneuvering your way through rubble and settled ash. This had been your family's home before the war had started. Fine linens that once hung on the wall were gone now, probably stolen in your absence, and the furniture was ripped or broken somehow. The bright paint that covered the walls was now faded, almost without color at all, and most of it had pealed off.

The mansion still had a good foundation, and a good structure, but everything that held such sweet summer memories on the inside was flawed and ravaged by war. You walked through into a slightly smaller hallway room, and stopped when you saw the small staircase that once led up to what was your bedroom was now broken up into large pieces of marble, cement, and something you didn't recognize. All of the windows were broken in from fire or rocks being thrown, everything was either covered in ash, spiderwebs, or there were plants growing through the cracks.

You had been back in this mansion for several months now, almost two years, and you couldn't bring yourself to move anything or clean anything up. You couldn't make it what it used to be so what's the point, right? Almost two full years with no people. Almost two full years with no human interaction. Almost two full years of nothing but yourself. You were beginning to think that you were lucky you hadn't forgotten your name for lack of someone or yourself saying it.

You climbed over some of the broken pieces of staircase and continued on into the next floor of the house. You were running your hand along the swirling black rails, so detailed and perfectly identical to itself, that when you heard a loud clank crash you nearly fell over the rail. Nobody else was in this house.. At least you didn't think there was.. You decided to quietly sneak your way into the room where the noise came from, but as soon as you took a step, a small animal came running out of the room and came to a sudden stop in front of you.

Your heart was beating so fast that you thought for sure if you had another scare today you were going to die. You looked down at the small animal and smiled when you saw that it was a little white cat. Last time you saw an animal was... a month ago? Longer? The days just kind of blurred together now, and all sense of time had started to become meaningless. None of the cracked clocks in the old mansion worked, and you had no watch nor sundial in the yard. The only way you could tell time was by seeing if the sun was up or down.

There has got to be more to life than staring at ash and rubble, you thought, picking up a small chunk of the marble floor and tossing it off the side of the rail. You waited and listened as you heard the clunk echo throughout the empty halls. "That was fun." you said lazily. You were taken aback by the sound of voice filling your ears. Not even you spoke that much anymore, what was the point? There was nobody around to talk to..

You sat down on the dusty floor and sat against the rail, holding your hand out for the delicate little cat to come sniff. You watched as dust swirled around in the sunlight coming in through the old, cracked, and broken windows. Time slowed down for a moment, and in that moment, you felt peaceful. Normally you would just walk around and exist, but dust gently floating through sun-rays always made you feel almost blissful.

The cat daintily stepped towards you and sniffed your slightly calloused hands. You smiled a little when it fitted it's head perfectly in your hand and started to purr. You lightly scratched it's head and said "Now then, if you've decided to stay, I guess I'll need to give you a name, eh?" you chuckled a little and listened to the cat continue purring. It was a beautiful purr for a beautiful cat, like it was singing. It's white fur reminded you of when your family would go caroling at Christmas, and your parents had to keep reminding you that that was a time for singing to people, not playing in the snow (though your father always winked at you after your mother had finished scolding you). Your favorite Christmas song to sing was "The First Noel," and the way your mother sang it just warmed your heart in the cold weather. You ran your hand all the way through the soft animal's fur, and said "That's it. I'll call you Noel."

A sudden crash clank "Bloody hell!" ripped you from your blissful silence with Noel. You stood up quickly, and began to speedwalk downstairs to where you heard the noise. You and Noel nearly tripped running down the stairs and attempting to jump over the broken up pieces of stair at the bottom. After a few moments of regaining your balance, you continued on through the house to try and see who or what yelled a minute ago.

After rounding a few severely damaged corners and moving some old dusty furniture, you thought you were going insane, because there, on the floor, holding it's ankle, was a person! You stood there not blinking for what felt like forever, and only when he looked up at you with big blue eyes and asked if you were alright did you even remember to breathe.

"I- Um- I- You- You're a person..." you said, blushing because of how embarrassed you were from stuttering. The unknown man continued to stare at you for a moment and slowly nodded his head. Finally he cracked a smile, and that was when he started trying to hide his laughter, but ultimately failed. It took him a minute to settle down, and the atmosphere became very awkward for you. You were as red as a tomato, which only fed his laughter more, and soon he was settled down again.

"You what?" he said, not hiding his smile. Now you could hear his British accent, and your eyes widened. The British were the first to invade America and start killing everyone. Soon after, the rest of the world followed.

You began to back away from his with a scared look on your face, and he stopped inwardly laughing. "Oi, you alright?" he said and you stopped backing up. "You- Your accent- You're a... Pirate?" you said, not bothering to think if that might have been too forward like your parents taught. The strange man mouthed a silent 'Oh..' and quickly stood up, only to stumble a little because of his hurt ankle. "No, no, look you don't understand. I'm not a Pirate.." "Then what are you!?" you quickly yelled at him, looking around for something that could potentially kill him. Maybe a nice chunk of stone, or a sharp piece of a broken chair.

He used a broken bookcase to lift himself up, you could tell he really did hurt his ankle bad from the way he wasn't putting any pressure on it. "I'm.. I'm a Lost One." he said nervously, leaning against the bookshelf some more. "Well I can't give you directions, I don't have time to teach you how to navigate so if you're lost-" "-no I'm not lost. I'm a Lost One. There's a difference. Lost One's are those who choose not to be apart of any of the Circles.. I'm the leader of a particular crew within the Lost One's Circle. We call ourselves the Knights."

You stood there for a moment deciding whether or not to believe him before looking at his shaking ankle, and said "Come with me. You need to put a brace on that foot of yours." You went over to him, figuring he was harmless enough, and wrapped your arm around his middle. He laid his arm on your shoulder, and you helped him hop to the kitchen where you had remembered the maids storing medical supplies.

After a couple of hours of searching for a brace, finding one, and trying to get it on him without it hurting, the two of you sat on the old polished table and talked. You learned that his name was Peter, and you told him your name. He told you that it had been a long time since he had heard a girls name, and to be honest he rather enjoyed it. You giggled at his response to your name and you told him that you rather enjoyed the name Peter as well.

"You seem pretty alone out here by yourself. Why'd you do that? Other than being an American, of course. Well, I guess I can understand you wanting to be on your own if everyone else is trying to kill you." he said, nodding his head in understanding. His blue eyes shimmered when he got an idea, and you could tell a lightbulb just went off in that supremely attractive head of his. "(Y/n)! Come with me!" he said as a smile grew on his face. Your eyes widened once more and he laughed "You do that a lot" he said, chuckling. "Do what?" you said, smirking at him. "This." he said and e made his eyes as big as he could get them. You let your mouth hang open, and tried not to smile as you playfully punched his arm.

"Peter, why would you want me to go with you? Above anything else, I would endanger you and your crew-" "We can take care of ourselves, (Y/n). Besides, we can take care of you too. I don't want to make you uncomfortable, so I'm just giving you a heads up, you would be the only girl there..." You could feel your eyes beginning to widen, but caught yourself before Peter noticed it.

You began weighing your options. On one hand, if you stayed here and got attacked nobody could help you fend the attackers off. On the other hand, if you went with Peter you would have god knows how many to help you fight off your attackers... "Okay." you said, turning slightly towards Peter. "On once condition, though." Peer squinted his eyes a little and you could tell he was willing to listen and maybe go along with whatever you were about to say. "If anything goes wrong, anything at all, while I'm there, I want you to bring me back." Peter simply nodded in agreement and smiled. You could tell there was something devious hidden behind his eyes, but you couldn't figure out what.

You were determined to find out.

You hopped off of the fine dining table and helped peter onto his foot, asking him if he was okay. When he said he was fine, and you made him promise you that he was, you went off to find Noel and take her along with you. You weren't about to leave such a precious and beautiful animal alone to fend for itself. In all honesty, you didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, but that didn't matter. Nothing really mattered anymore.

The only thing that mattered to you was the fact that you were no longer in a haze. Somebody came and woke you up. As you stepped over the broken stairs at the very front of the old mansion that had been your home for so long, you looked back one last time before leaving it all in your past.

You were going to be a Lost One in the Knights crew of the Lost One's Circle. You were just hoping that you weren't walking into a trap....

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