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Rini Potter My Story

By SmithyForever


My Story

Hey I’m Rini potter. Yes you heard right Potter but not the famous one.

I guess you are wondering how me and Harry got parted.

Well it was a long time before the death of our parents. I was at Hogwarts School, shore you have heard of it in the HP series. I didn’t even know Harry existed until it was too late.  Any way back to the point Hogwarts I was studying to become a teacher there I had already finished my studies and was working hard to become a teacher. My mother didn’t want to know me after a few months at least what a thought until one day I received a brown parcel with her handwriting on It, I just threw it to one side. I hadn’t thought of opening it until now. I slowly pulled the once white sting then the brown paper just unfolded of its own accord to reveal a faded note, woollen jumper and tones of pictures of well my family the note read.

Dear Rini

Sorry I haven’t been writing, I had a lot on with your new baby brother.

Yes you now have a little brother. There are tons of photos of him in the pack. He is only 12 weeks old your father keeps insisting we take pictures every single day for you. We know if anything happens to us you will be there for him. Oh did I mention his name is Harry, Harry James potter 

Lots of love

Mum, Dad and baby Harry

My eyes are now overflowing with tears. If I had opened this over 20 years ago, I could have help Harry, Sirius may not be dead as well as Fred... I think he is the one who died. No one would be dead.

I caught sight of something a bright green woollen jumper mum must have knitted because at the time this would have been at least 6 sizes too small.  That then drew my attention to the pile of photos as mum said half of them were of an extremely young Harry, wonder if these will make him blush but the one that drew my attention was mum heavily pregnant  holding her stomach then laughing.  Tears began flowing down my face. I just had to find harry and correct everything. All I hoped is that he would forgive me. “Im sorry harry....” I said falling on the floor in tears.  

It took me a while but I found harry but I had a line of mums letter playing on my mind we know if  anything happens to us you will be there for him. It got me wondering. Did they know they were going to die? Poor harry, he had been stuck with the Dursley’s for years but I was happy to find out he had married and had two young children. I don’t want to disturb him so I’ll watch from afar. I will protect him just like they wanted.

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