Human Marionette Dolls


Two years ago in Los Angeles, California, one of the most respected agents in Quantico, Virginia, went missing on June 2nd, 2007. Derek Morgan hasn't given up hope finding him. How could he when Spencer was the best little brother he could wish for? On September 4th, 2008, someone left a small white envelope. Once Derek opened it with the only one he trusted that would tell Aaron that he was still on the case. Inside the envelope was a small note, a blurry photograph, and a DVD. By the note Penelope and Morgan knew it was there agent. After examining the picture closer what he noticed was horrific. Spencer had been in restraints like Pinocchio, his face was covered in a thick mask like the one's Spencer used to read in Russian. Spencer's posture was dead. He looked like a robot without any charge. Like he had been stripped of emotion and anything that's identified to being human. When Morgan finds this son of a bitch will Spencer finally be able to be the person he used to or take in the footsteps of Jason Gideon? His father figure because as the one quote says, "Like Father, Like Son." Amazing Cover by @Vjmarvel. (She’s on wattpad)

Horror / Other
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Chapter 1, Protologe

June 17, 2007

My mind was foggy as I felt being transported to a table. When I detected a harsh buzzing sound I began to recover a third of my common sense back. I began to thrash back and forth and tried to force my hands up but they wouldn't budge. I felt a large hand firmly hold down my hand in place as the noise became more powerful and unbearable as I knew what was about to come.

A howl of agony left his lips as he burst out in sobs from the pain expanding in both of his gaunt arms. Sobs that penetrated through his lungs into his throat. I attempted to gently lift my arm to see how bad was the damage. A soft groan escaped my chapped lips. The ache in my body concentrated on my dominant arm and back. My loud sobs were hushed from the outside world. A squalid gag was swiftly covering my mouth making it improbable to make any noise without it stifling.

I shuddered against the table as my vision became unclear. The table felt smooth and cold which I was grateful for. I knew I was going to die. No idiot was going to have hope while being abducted by Alex Rain. That man is an absolute sociopath and narcissist. Those together are the most difficult to find. After a few moments of taking long breaths out of my nose, I still let out stifled whimpers and hiccups. Black dots began to emerge in my vision as I knew I had lost a large portion of my blood.

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