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Zariah was just a kid when she met the creepypastas... By the time she grew up she had no memory of ever meeting them in her childhood or even having a relationship with these serial killers. She had been told that they had wanted to kidnap her and kill her for that reason she despised them. Until she gets mysteriously kidnapped by them and she meets Masky Slendermans best proxy he had been her best friend when they were kids but Zariah has no clue on who he is. On her way of trying to remember the creepypastas she gets very close to Sonic.Exe and uncertain feelings start to arise between them. When Zariah remembers them she feels betrayed by her family who had been lying to her about her being kidnapped when she was a kid. Zariah wants to trust her new friends but how can she when one of them is secretly betraying the whole group? Will Zariah trust them? Will there be romance in this book? Will your favorite creepypastas be in this first book? Read to find out! Extra: This book contains the point of view of a few creepypastas! Would appreciate in the comments for you guys to tell me how I did trying to impersonate each character!

Mystery / Romance
Leslie H.
4.9 8 reviews
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I never thought that while finishing my first year of college I would make a terrible discovery.

I didn’t ask for it! I didn’t want it! you may be probably wondering what is it but to tell you I should go back to a few weeks ago.

Hi there! My name is Zariah Miller and I was a regular 18-year-old teen getting ready to rock the last year of high school and get ready for the last best years of my life in college.

Here in Simian La Rotonde, it is not a normal village if that’s what you are thinking 13 years ago I was 5 years old and my family was planning on staying here since my parents are from France.

My parents had heard rumors from our neighbors about these serial killers that were known as the Creepypastas.

“The leader was known as a tall thin guy with no face he was faceless and had two arms but tendrils also his name is slender man,” they would say.

“Never go into the woods! Our hunters want to kill them for what they are but when they go a few of them don’t ever come back...” was what our neighbors would tell my parents.

I was a kid back then I really couldn’t tell the difference back then.

Until I made a very dumb mistake or that’s what my parents tell me since I don’t remember that well.

The kids in my elementary school didn’t like me I was laughed at a lot by the older kids, sometimes pushed but I ignored it all thinking it was just a game.

One day I was walking home with my friend Lily and her mom and I always get distracted sometimes so when we stopped so Lily could drop her stuff off to go to my house,

I got distracted and walked off I didn’t know where I was going until I looked up and realized I was in the middle of the forest all alone.

I don’t remember the rest my parents say that I was take away by one of the creepypastas and that they kidnapped me but I don’t remember all I remember was getting lost that day, losing my mom’s necklace, and getting hurt that’s it!

Due to that incident, we had to move but finally, after I finished Intermediate we came back it has been a long time! I honestly hoped that nothing would go wrong.

That day I guess I can trust in what my parents say about it what I do remember is that I lost my mom’s necklace. I haven’t been able to find it I’m positive that one of the creepypastas has it.

Sometimes I wondered how their lives must be I mean it’s not like they were born as what they are, Slender man must’ve summoned them or murdered their parents I feel bad even though I should hate them for kidnapping me.

Well, my family finally decided to let me go back on my own with my two best friends Gabriel and Lilliana (Lily) it feels nice to be back here but it feels very weird.

When we got here two days ago I had gone to the backyard to take in some fresh air, we came here because everyone is sure that the creepypastas are dead even though Gabriel keeps trying to scare Lily by saying that they are still here.

That’s why I thought but when I was outside I swear I saw a person wearing a mask hiding behind a tree. I don’t know why but that person should’ve been familiar to me but it wasn’t. I started walking toward the guy until I got called by Gabriel to help him.

Later after I helped him I ran back outside to only discover that there was nobody there was it my imagination? Or was someone really there?

I honestly don’t know the house we bought is the closest one to the forest where slender man and his creepypastas once lived there.

We’ve only heard rumors that they are gone others have told us that they are still here but with more of them.

“They’re still there I’m sure of it...” said Mrs. Castillo a good friend of my mom who still lives here “I swear I’ve seen them one of them is a hedgehog he looks like Sonic the hedgehog but really scary he has red glowing eyes and has blood all over him. The other one has no eyes he wears a blue mask and eats kidneys. The last one looks human but he’s not! He wears a white mask and can surprise you!” She had said.

At first, I didn’t believe her I just thought she must’ve been really scared of them that she had an intense imagination.

Now that I think about it maybe I’ve just seen one of those creepypastas that she mentioned.

Just thinking about it gets me nervous what did that creepypasta want? Was it really a creepypasta? Or just a random guy wearing a mask?

If so it still doesn’t make sense why would they be hiding?

Instead of being scared like Lilliana, I’m more curious about them even though I shouldn’t be.

“Hey, Zara? Are you coming? The food we ordered is here!” yelled Gabriel from downstairs interrupting my thoughts.

“Yes, I’m coming!” I yelled back.

I ran downstairs and went into the kitchen to find Gabriel and Lily teasing each other, I just rolled my eyes did I forget to mention that they are dating?

I think I did but yeah I’m not used to seeing my two best friends be all lovey-dovey with each other.

I cleared my throat “Ahem” I said.

“Oh, you scared me Chicca!” said Lily. (Lily likes to talk in Spanish most of the time I don’t understand her sometimes...)

“Sorry,” I said shrugging.

“Eh don’t worry about it can we eat now? Since your here?” said Gabriel hungrily.

“Sure” we both replied.

While eating pizza and drinking soda my thoughts kept drifting to the creepypastas I felt the need to want to learn more about them I don’t know why.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure they probably don’t live in the forest anymore Right? That’s like highly impossible since it’s been 13 years.

That’s what I thought I never knew how wrong I was...

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