Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...


Zariah Miller was once friends with these serial killers or also known as the creepypastas. Due to an Accident, she fled her hometown and came back 13 years later all grown up. Masky one of the creepypastas finds her and takes her to his home she has no memory of them and feels uneasy around them. What could've happened to her? Why would she block her friends from her memories? Let's find out!

Mystery / Romance
Leslie H.
4.9 15 reviews
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I didn’t think that my whole life was a big fat lie.

I did not ask for this to happen I didn’t want my whole life to change for some misunderstanding!

What am I talking about? Well, why don’t we go back to a few weeks ago...

Hi there! I’m Zariah Miller but please don’t be afraid to call me Zara almost everyone does I’m 18 and I’m getting ready to start a fresh new year of College with my two best friends Lily and Gabriel. Here in Simiane La Rotonde, it may look normal but no don’t let our pretty little shops and exotic places make you feel safe!

I plan on studying to become a doctor like my dad he is a surgeon he was one of the best I want to be like him.

This village is not normal it’s actually famous for its paranormal activities and killers.

In Simian La Rotonde the famous killers around here are called the “Creepypastas” scary name am I right?

They kill in a group whatever they see that’s alive they don’t hesitate to kill I actually went through an experience with them or so my parents say.

13 years ago I was walking with my friend Lily home from school and I got distracted I have this sickness called Déficit de atención which means Attention deficit in English It’s a sickness that you get distracted all the time while doing things.

Due to that I got distracted and ended up getting lost in the woods after that don’t ask me what happened for I have no idea!

My parents say that I was taken away by those killers but I have no clue but I do remember losing my mother’s necklace though.

Thanks to that accident my parents decided it was best for me to stay in Houston TX but now finally I’m back in my home place some people still think they are here but I find that hard to believe since there have been no kills and stuff around here.

“I believe they are still here my dear,” said Ms. Castillo our next-door neighbor.

I just nodded at her she is 60 years old she could be saying that to scare me and I won’t fall for it.

“Zariah I suggest you be very careful for I feel that there’s more and I have seen them myself one of them is the best creepypasta ever he looks like Sonic the Hedgehog but in a demon version of the Sega hero. Slenderman’s best proxy wears a white mask and attacks you with a crowbar let’s not also forget the one who has no eyes for he is eyeless”

After that day we recently moved here I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said I had to be careful? Why? Am I in danger?

Hmph, I don’t like this weird feeling of being stalked now that I think about it maybe they are back!

I remember seeing someone with a white mask outside the backyard when I went to investigate he was gone in a flash. Unless that was probably Gabriel trying to scare Lily and me but it’s not Halloween yet though he wouldn’t pull pranks on us till October.

“ZAAARAAA!” yelled Gabriel from downstairs.


“Come down the food we ordered is here!”

Oh yes, food my stomach has been killing me from hunger!

I ran downstairs only to find Gabriel and Lily teasing each other and flirting I rolled my eyes at the scene my best friends are dating but I’m not used to seeing them be all lovey-dovey with each other I may not have my own boyfriend but come on I don’t want them to ruin my appetite.

Why don't I have someone special in my life? I'm not interested in having a relationship yet it might sound stupid my reason but I'm scared to fall in love with someone because I'm afraid in the end they will break my heart.

In other words yes my heart is fragile and I won't let anyone touch it or hurt me on the inside I can take care of myself without a guy next to me I'm not a damsel in distress waiting for my knight in shining armor to come and save me like other's girls think.


“Oh perdon me espantaste chica!” exclaimed Lily startled.

“It’s fine,” I said.

“Well, now that slowpoke Zara is here-”

“Don’t call me that” I groaned annoyed.

Gabriel grinned ” I have freedom of speech so I can call you however I want ma’am”

I rolled my eyes but nudged him in the shoulder.

He laughed “Okay can we eat now?”

Both Lily and I nodded in approval as we ate we talked about what we were planning to study at Sorbonne University since it's August we were going to start school in two weeks during this week both Lily and I have planned to go shopping for clothes and supplies.

Since we all did chores around the house it was my turn to wash the dishes I couldn't help but look at the window and think about the creepypastas my parents have told me so many stories about them but I wanted to know what really happened 13 years ago.

I shook my head that doesn't matter anymore they are dead and I have to worry about other stuff, after all, they are gone and will never come back.

That's what I thought but I never knew how wrong I actually was...

(Copyright © 2020 by Leslie H.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.)

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