Creepypasta Series: The Pastas & Me...

Jeff the Killer

If there was one thing I could re-do in my life it would be.

Having the most amazing chance to kill my brother again!

Why? Because he’s a pain to me!

He’s always trying to get me to stop being a flirt and scolding at me as always.

Ugh, I hate it!! Also, what am I supposed to do? I have to continue the story right?

Yeah, I’ll continue after a long time I had finally gotten out of the fight.

I stood on the table of the kitchen and whistled loudly.

Everyone winced and looked in my direction.

“Sorry to burst your eardrums guys but you do notice that we have been arguing over something very stupid right?” I said.

“Well, who started it?” asked Liu throwing daggers at me.

“Hey! IT WAS JUST A BET!” I protested.

“Either way what you and Laughing Jack did was very stupid you do have a point I don’t want to argue anymore,” said Jane sighing.

“Now that we talk about it where is Zariah?” asked Toby.

We looked around but realized that she was gone!

“Oh god”, said Ben.

“She must’ve left when we got distracted!” said Clockwork facepalming.

“Shoot!” said EJ.

“Why are all of y’all so overdramatic drama queens?” said a low voice behind me.

I jumped with my knife in hand and was about to aim when I realized it was Sonic.Exe

“Oh Sonic.Exe,” I said relaxing.

“You dare call us drama queens?” growled Smile Dog.

Sonic.Exe laughed and I saw Sally flinch and hide behind Tails Doll. As you can see even Sally is afraid of him.

“Why wouldn’t I since y’all are all very dumb most of the time” grinned Sonic.Exe

Jane growled and tackled him with her knife aiming at his heart.

“You better take that back you blue annoying hedgehog!” said Jane eyes blazing with anger.

“Heh would you kill me, Jane? I honestly doubt that... For I Am God!” growled Sonic.Exe and shoved Jane off him.

I helped Jane get back up and threw my knife at Sonic.Exe which he dodged.

“Well, why are you calling us dumb it’s not like you found Zariah, or did you?” asked LJ.

“Guys?” said Zariah walking toward us.

“Zariah!” we all exclaimed.

Sonic.Exe chuckled and said:” I was talking with her outside you idiots”

“Oh,” said Liu looking down.

“Zariah! You’re still here!” said Toby running and hugging her.

Zariah smiled and said: “Yes I’m still here”

“Ay chica we thought you were gone!” said Nina sighing in relief.

“First of all how could I leave? If I’m in a forest Second of all Sonic.Exe would’ve hunted me down for sure” said Zariah laughing softly.

We all laughed because it was true! Sonic.Exe would do that with no mercy!

“Zariah since you are staying for a while would you like to watch movies with us?” asked Sally.

“Sure!” said Zariah giving Sally a small smile.

“Sorry to ruin the moment guys,” said Masky entering (I didn’t even notice that he left!)

“Masky!” said Toby running to him and tackling him onto the ground.

“Ugh! Toby! Get off!” groaned Masky getting Toby off him.

I laughed and said:” Ship it”

“Shut up Jeff!” said Masky getting up.

“What’s the t-the emergency?” asked Hoodie.

“We need to go to work remember Jeff, LJ, Hoodie, I and Ben have to go take care of any hunters who might be trying to locate us,” said Masky.

“Aww, do I have to go? I want to stay here with Zariah” said Ben frowning.

Masky glared at Ben and said:” Yes you have to go, Ben”

I shrugged and said: “Yes free killing I’m going!”

“Well Zariah we have to go hopefully we will see you tomorrow?” asked LJ.

“I don’t know we will see,” said Zariah.

“Until we see again Zariah,” said Ben winking at her.

Zariah just laughed and nodded.

We all said our goodbyes except Masky.

We had to drag Ben off with us before he could continue flirting with Zariah.

I noticed that when Masky entered the only person he made eye contact with was Zariah.

If I’m honest after all these years I never thought that we would ever see that girl again.

But now she’s here 13 years later all grown up in the Slender Mansion with us.

I wondered what was up with Masky after all, he’s the only one who hasn’t shared his story of how he became a creepypasta. He doesn’t even ever take his mask off!

He’s pretty mysterious out of all of us...

Maybe Zariah might warm his cold heart at some point!

Who knows?! If I’m honest I want to see Masky dying for that girl!

Why? Because it would be fun to make fun of his weakness!

Well, my entry is over! Remember to not mess with us or you will

Go to Sleep!

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